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Serious Signs Of A Commitment-phobic Person

By Soham

Commitment phobia is a pattern where it becomes painful for the person who is in a relationship with the person who has this kind of phobia.

This is nothing other than hiding and moving away from giving a word to the person and the people in closed circles.

Often commitment- phobic people make it hard for their partners to be with them as they only care about how to sway from any signs of committing to the person they are with.

They avoid the single fact, of giving a promise or words to someone or to the person they are dating.

A commitment-phobic person is always on a run from commitment. For such people, commitment is a hindrance.

Commitment in a relationship is a big factor for both the persons, committing to each other. If one decides to back out, the relationship ends.

Commitment phobia has become so common that in every alternate relationship, you will find it.

There are certain serious signs of a commitment-phobic person that makes them distinctive.

This article will guide you through all the signs that you need to know, in order to acknowledge the right person for you to get into a long-term relationship.

Serious Signs Of A Commitment-phobic Person

1. He/She Is Impulsive When It Comes To You

A commitment-phobic person might not be impulsive at all; but when it comes to you, he/she becomes extremely impulsive. Everything else comes first for such a person rather than you.

2. They Do Not Do PDA

A commitment-phobic person never does PDA. They won't even reciprocate to your feelings out in the public. Also, read Signs That Says A Guy Truly Values His Girl

3. They Have No True Friends

Commitment-phobic person never has a true friend. He/she might have close friends but no true friends for the matter.

4. They Have Many Short-term Relationships

A commitment-phobic person has a short-term relationship and no long-term, as he/she can't keep up with the expectations.

5. They Won't Call A Past Relationship A Proper Relationship

Commitment-phobic person will call all the relationships to be casual and nothing serious.

6. Giving A Label Freaks Them Out

Commitment-phobic people are okay to date but when given a name to the relationship, they freak out.

7. They Never Talk About The Future

A commitment-phobic person won't ever talk about future. It doesn't appeal to him/her.

8. They End Relationships For Stupid Reasons

Their reasons for ending a relationship are always vague and plastic. They can never give a concrete explanation to why they broke up. Also read, Why Women Lie?

9. They Never Finish What They Start

They are very casual and hardly ever finish what they start. If they start a serious project, they leave it halfway through. This says they can never be ready for a full-time commitment.

10. They Hardly Meet Their Partner's Family

They are never ready to meet their partner's family. They will make varied explanations for not meeting and will always turn the topic away.

11. They Will Not Let You Know About Their Whereabouts

Never will you see a commitment-phobic person talking what he/she is going to do next and where. They never share their whereabouts.

12. They Are Sexually Active

They tend to be sexually active though, as it is natural for a human being, but they never have it more than twice with a close person. They avoid feelings in the process.

A commitment-phobic person is not wrong, but he/she is never in favour of a bonding. He/she doesn't like to be bonded by anyone. They try to experience everything their way. Also, read Movies You Need To Watch With Your Lover.

But try not falling in love with such a person, as these people tend to fly away when they are caught.

They have their own ways by which they just let you in the loop as they walk by. So, if you are planning on sticking with a person who is commitment-phobic, I would suggest you, think twice and even for that matter thrice before taking such decision.

Story first published: Thursday, April 12, 2018, 11:31 [IST]
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