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    Rules To Follow When You Start Living With Your Partner

    Living with your partner is a great start for a relationship but it can also be quite nerve-wracking. It is very important to follow certain rules or parameters in order to keep your relationship healthy and fun.

    Living with your partner is one big step in a relationship, no matter how long you and your partner have been in a relationship for or what the two of you desire from each other and from the relationship. No matter the reasons, it is still a big decision which requires lots of planning, commitment, thoughts, dedication, and love.

    living with your partner

    Once you and your partner discuss your personal future plans and plans for your relationship, you start to talk about money, other issues, new plans, and decisions. This choice seems like a very easy one to do until you are living there and are thrown into a completely new environment of thinking and derivating solutions for the problems you and your partner are facing.

    There are big differences between visiting your partner's house or just always going there than living together. By having some ground rules you and your partner will easily be able to live happily, and in a fun and exciting way that will not disrupt your happening relationship.

    When you and your partner are making these rules, consider them as guidelines or parameters which will help you and your partner make this transition run smoothly and perfectly. Along with these parameters, remember to make sure that when you do make these together, you both remain calm, rational, logical, and are very kind to each other.

    Rules You Need To Follow When You Start Living With Your Partner:

    1. Never Be Angry Before Sleeping
    2. Plan The House Decoration Together
    3. Split The Household Chores
    4. Spend Your Own Time
    5. Communicate Effectively

    1. Never Be Angry Before Sleeping

    Never let anger take the better part of your life. Don't be angry with your partner before going to bed. It affects the relationship. You and your partner should remember to keep this in mind. This also applies to your partner.
    Going to bed angry makes your next morning worse as well. It becomes a prolonged fight or argument. The reason why for this is very simple. You never know what will happen the next day.

    The arguments and fights take a lot of energy and it just drains you both. Taking the fight or argument to the next day will drain you off and you will be agitated for the whole day. It is better to clear the argument at night itself and kiss goodnight to each other.

    2. Plan The House Decoration Together

    This will not only boost the love for each other it will also help you both in understanding the way you both think. Decorating might be something that one of you loves, and something one of you hates. You both still need to decorate the house together.
    You both might have different tastes in terms of decorating, and as much as you love your partner, you still might not love their taste. These all differences will arise but when you both decide and reach the final decision of how and what you need to decorate the house, you both will become satisfied.

    3. Split The Household Chores

    Chores are something that has to be split between the two of you when you and your partner start living together. By making this as one of the rules to live by, you and your partner will have lesser workload and you both will have more fun doing these chores. You will enjoy watching your partner do the chores that he/she has to do and vice versa.

    4. Spend Your Own Time

    Remember to have your own quality time amidst the relationship. It is very important to maintain the personal, even though you both live together. Read the book that you wanted to or listen to your favourite music, etc. Do what it takes to have your personal space. It is necessary to continue having a happy relationship.

    5. Communicate Effectively

    It is the most important thing to do or rule to follow. Communication being the foundation of relationships helps you in keeping the relationship at par. Miscommunication often turns the relationship cold. If things that you don't like are bothering you, speak about it with your partner. Tell him/her and the reasons behind this. It will help you both in living an easy life with your partner.

    These are certain rules you and your partner need to follow in order to have a happy relationship while living together.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, July 10, 2018, 17:00 [IST]
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