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Reasons Why Strongest Girls Make The Best Of The Life & Don’t Need Any Guy

By Tanya

We are the woman of new generation, we were, we are and we will be the strongest forever. We love with grace, leave with grace, and we accept with grace. It is hard to get us, it is harder to leave us and hardest to break up with us.

She is broken, but I guess we all are too. But, the grace with which she is handling her emotions and not letting them over-power her, is all that you need to be a strong woman.

But, she gets attached too soon, that's why she gets hurt easily and then has to detach herself. Maybe this is the reason why everyone calls her the strongest.

It is not the move of tears that will make you win the battle, but the weapon of a strong heart which will make you win all the battles.

It is said that, "Well behaved girls seldom make history." Reasons why strongest girls make the best of their lives are:

Emotional Eating Is The Medicine :

Break? Food. Stress? Food. PMSing? Food. For every distress in life, food is the solution for the strong girls. They find emotional eating to be better than emotional crying and cribbing. Boyfriend can always be replaced by food for them. They consider their food to be the bae. And, why not? Food at least does not upset them. Food does not demand pain and agony. So, food is bae and food is life for them.

Solace In Being Alone :

The strong girls find the ultimate solace in being alone. They never need a company for them to keep themselves entertained always. Being alone and happy by themselves is their mantra. That is what makes them the strongest. Why would they need anybody else's company if they can all be happy and gaga by themselves. They do feel alone sometimes, but they also know how to handle with that loneliness. It is an ultimate solace to be all alone by yourself.

No Strings Attached :

They firmly believe in the no-strings-attached strategy. But, that doesn't mean that they are desperate and only want to get laid. They have got so much hurt by attaching their strings with somebody that now they have become heartless and believe in the policy of no strings attached. They don't fear commitment, but they are happy by not getting emotionally attached. This is a major feature that builds them and makes them strong from within.

Not Judgemental :

They have a lot going on in their life and have a lot to do in their own life, so obviously they don't have that much of time to analyse and judge people. They are also normal girls but better girls who don't like to get judged. They are at peace in their life and have a life. They would also never judge anyone. This is what makes them really unique and interesting. This makes them much more stronger.

Men Are Always Attracted Towards Them :

Unlike stupid boys, great men are always attracted towards such strong women. Good men also have a strong woman in their bucket list of qualities that they'd want for their partners for obvious reasons. Strong women are smart and are always wanted by wise men. Men don't leave any chance of grabbing their attention and want them really bad.

No Worries About Social Media :

They are most of the times chilled out when it comes to their social media accounts. They have great posts on their social media accounts and don't want to get ruled by anyone for what to post, whom to be friends with, etc. They don't unfriend and block people who have been bad to them or their exes also because they think that blocking and unfriending is for cowards. They take a strong hold for themselves and also put opinions bravely.

Sense Of Humour And Wit Is Their Weapon :

A strong woman deals with brainless people by her wit and sense of humour. They obviously don't believe in raising their voice. They firmly believe in winning the argument or the battle by raising their words and using knowledge. They don't fall into violent fights and get over exes, bad bullys, mishaps, etc., with a graceful smile. Their sense of humour and wit always helps them to win the argument and any kind of a battle with any person.

People are emotional fools and take everything to their heart easily. Any bad relationship or a bad phase in love life breaks a person, especially girls. But, what matters is the grace and faith by which we all can overcome these situations and become a better and stronger person.

So, ladies, don't let anyone dull your sparkle, rather wake up, make up and become stronger each day.

Story first published: Thursday, May 24, 2018, 18:40 [IST]
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