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Men Will Be Men Even After They Kiss In The Rain

It's funny how men turn out to be a child after they kiss in the rain, isn't it? Men have dual characteristics, a man on the exterior and a kid in the interior. They might grow up to become respected individuals but when they get back into their den, they certainly showcase the skills of a child.

In a relationship, men act as the one classy and suited up. But the moment you start seeing reality, you know them as the "Jumping Zapaak Kangaroo". Extremely playful and high in spirit, men are easy-going and simple. They are also the ones to do all kinds of blunders and act like it is all okay.

men will be men even after they kiss in the rain

They will sing you a song if you want them to and will also dance for you. Men will win their women cricket matches on their birthday and will also keep them hidden from the limelight. Men have a wide perspective of how they want and desire to live their life. And it is totally okay with the society we live in.

Most men have similar characteristics when they get into relationships.

Let's see the reasons behind the force that drives men to do the things that they do.

Men Will Be Men Even After They Kiss In The Rain

1. Lethargy Is Lethal

Men are very intelligent when it comes to wooing a lady. They do all the hard work from the start.

After they get into a relationship, they become lethargic.

In the days of wooing, if their women ask them to come at 3 AM in the morning underneath their balcony, men will be there by 2:45 AM! Whereas after getting into a relationship, when their women ask them to go to the market with them, they will keep giving excuses even if they are totally free.

They do not want to go to the market because they feel there is nothing for them and will just be wasting their precious time walking and dragging themselves from shops to shops. Men would rather spend that amount of time lying on the bed or just be at home.

They will make some excuse for their lethargy and let you go.

I tell you, men will be men. Earlier they used to carry the bag. Now they don't even bother going out.

2. Technology Kicks In And Rest Is History

Men are more addicted to technology than to their women. If not all, most of them. They find ways to enjoy the programmes that make no sense even when they certainly can give some time to their relationships. Women get to suffer the wrath of this indulgence with a high level of patience.

Men often don't understand that giving time to the relationship is vital. They just love technology and they will be all into it, till the time they are not told otherwise.

3. Wrong Time Wrong Deeds

Men do most of their work when the time doesn't work out on their part. They end up doing stupid acts.

Wrong acts of reading a book when the partner is free and wants to talk with them for example. But they will be so engrossed in reading and don't even realize about their partner waiting for them. Until and unless she doesn't do the needful, they do not understand the value of time.

At times, they go out with their friends for a game of football or tennis and forget there are other needs that they need to attend to for the sake of their relationship.

These wrong timings are always there with regards to men.

4. Romance Brews Up But None To Reciprocate

Men tend to brew up the romance when they are in their comfort zone and do not wait if their partner wants it at that time or not.

Men will suddenly kiss their women in the rain, out of nowhere; but when it is the right time, they wouldn't even initiate a romantic conversation, while their women would be craving for it.

These are certain points that prove that even if you do turn the tables and bring up a disaster, men will still be the same. The generation will pass by, but the nature of a man will always remain constant.

Men will always be men even after they kiss in the rain.

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