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I Am Alone, I Love Myself And It Is The Best Relationship I Can Have

I am alone and I am in love with myself.

Have you ever been alone? Yes, you might have. But what is it that you don't like about being alone? There's like a list of beautiful things you can do while you are alone. But you still think being in love is where all the happiness lies.

Well, I am in love with my solitude. I will tell you why? I will make you understand the need to be alone and what impacts it has on you. I will tell you the happiness hidden in yourself. I proudly say I complete myself, can you?

People think being alone is loneliness. Sorry to say, you have got it all wrong. You are not lonely. You have the best company, i.e., you. The thing about having someone in your life is that you talk a lot about them and nothing about you. You dig deeper into them and nothing you do is for yourself. You forget yourself while getting involved in them to the extent that you end up hurting yourself when they are gone.

Does your company ever leave you? Does it question your way of life? Does it ever bring sadness into the picture? The love for yourself is strong and it never breaks. Only another person can make you drown in the sea of sadness and you bring it upon yourself. Being alone is the way of life. You need to seek the reasons that will guide your soul and the reasons that will make you. Understanding yourself is the key to life. You live to the fullest when you know yourself and to do this, you should be alone. Being alone is a way out of the regular life. It is like arriving somewhere but not here. You figure the infinite possibilities of what you can truly achieve.

Why being alone is all I crave about?

1. You start to know yourself better

There is a thing about every human being. Each of us has some or the other unique characteristics and that makes us beautiful the way we are. There are a lot of ideas for knowing yourself better and these involve only you. Once you start falling in love with yourself, you will see the magic it does. You get to know yourself better in a lot of angles. Knowing yourself is the way of life. Once you start involving your best interests in you, you start making more bonding with yourself.

This the way you start understanding yourself in a much broader prospect and that is when you make yourself look more appealing to the world outside. It is you who makes the best out of yourself. Unless you do it right, you don't do justice to the people around you. You give half of your love to them.

2. You learn the perspective about life

You learn who you are and what you want. You cannot do this when you are with someone. You can only learn what they want and not what you want and crave. To know the perspective of your life you must be content with yourself. In order to achieve your perspective, you must put yourself deep in the mud of learning your true nature.

3. You live happily

In order to live, you need to be happy and you can achieve it when you learn who you are and what you want. This is possible when you spend time with yourself or you are alone. No one can make you happy other than you. The thing about being happy is you have to feel it within. Happiness begins with yourself. All these people you see happy, ask them from where they learned to be happy. The only answer you will get is by seeking it within and not in any material feeling.

These are the three essentials reasons that make you fall in love with yourself even being alone. Alone is not lonely. Remember the rules that you must bring to the table. You are your first love. All you need is to learn the way to feel the love you have. Sink within yourself, seek the best version of yourself and see how you evolve from what you are.

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Story first published: Monday, June 25, 2018, 9:00 [IST]
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