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How Does Vulnerability Help In Having An Understanding Relationship?

Ever wondered how does it feel to be vulnerable in a relationship? What is it, actually? Vulnerability is mostly seen as a weakness by people. But to the ones who understand pure emotions, vulnerability is the key to understand the depth of their souls.

What Normally Happens When You Are Being Vulnerable?

Does vulnerability help in having an understanding relationship?

The thing about vulnerability to show the outer world the inner self of yours. If not the outer world, the partner you are with at least. When you let someone into your life and they ask you to open yourself and spill the truth of what you are, the vulnerability inside is seen to them and they crave to understand these emotions you have within.

When you become vulnerable to someone, you tell them what you feel, what you seek, things you are afraid of and things that matters to you and all that you never told anyone else.

Does Being Vulnerable With Your Partner Help A Relationship?

It is very helpful for a relationship. Being vulnerable with your partner increases the trust of each other and the bonding in the relationship increases ten fold. The love just pours down with the feel of trust and respect to the souls.

When you let someone know your innerself, you somewhere form a never ending bond. This bond is solely created by the vulnerability. The thing is vulnerable helps you gather the courage of letting someone into you totally.

How Does Vulnerability Help In Having An Understanding Relationship?

Vulnerability is the biggest driving force for having any kind of connection. Being vulnerable is being brave. It is also tender. It is impossible to connect with someone without having a vulnerability. But we have turned vulnerability as our weakness.

We might have made ourselves very strong and might have toughened up, hardened up and protected ourselves from being hurt. We have also been protecting ourselves from being vulnerable. And the problem lies there. When we close down our vulnerability to the people around, we fail to connect emotionally. We are shielded from being hurt, but we are also shielded from absorbing love, intimacy and connection. They come to us through the same door. When we close for one, we close it to all.

Without vulnerability, relationships struggle to survive. Vulnerability brings a lot of trust closeness and a sense of belonging. Relationships don't thrive without being vulnerable. You shouldn't hide the personal self from being vulnerable when you have a partner. When you allow someone into your life, you make it certain that they are the one to be vulnerable with. It enhances the contraction and expansion of souls in love. The idea of being vulnerable is to give your partner who you are. When you do that you seek the vulnerablity they provide. The connection of vulnerability works out in favour of the relationship and thus the way of being together enhances.

It has always been seen that vulnerability has been a weakness and showing it to the world would make one appear as a weak person. On the contrary, when someone does show it to the people around them, who are very close, they receive a warmth being reciprocated to them from those close people. This indicates the affinity of people towards knowing emotions and why, how and when the person does what he/she does.

Vulnerability is the openness to experiences, to people and to uncertainty. It is terrifying at times, and brave mostly.

In a relationship, vulnerabiltity brings forth a lot of connection. The idea of being vulnerable comes when you start to share emotions. The moment you share emotions, you let your vulnerability speak on behalf of you. Our minds always seeks for utold stories or emotions and things that not many know about. We are curious by nature. Vulnerability is the food to the curiosity in relationships. The wish to know the soul of your partner is fulfilled when your partner lets you into their mind. It is often the side of emotions that vulnerability takes the side of. It is always inclined to emotions. These emotions might be hard to digest, yet you like to know them. The connection undergoes a deeper sense of relationship when the love is formed over the vulnerable characteristics.

It helps in relationships being stronger, happier, and more intimate. Relationships are the work and vulnerability of the employee. Start letting your partner know all about you, inclding things you have kept away from your love. Learn to confide in your partner and see the magic unfoding into reality.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 17, 2018, 16:00 [IST]

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