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    Fall In Love With Souls, Not Faces. Remember Please!

    Love is a journey from soul to soul. A charming face is a scenery meanwhile. - A Mixed Nerve

    What have we become? A generation of casual relationships with a bundle of entwined emotions rushing through for dark night pleasures? Is this what our belief of love has come down to?

    fall in love with faces

    The purest of all emotions is being traded at the cheapest of its value.

    Love was cupid's game and us humans were the targets. Now it feels, Cupid is another spectator and we are the game changers.

    Sadly, we have been the most wronged of all generations and that is because of our way of treating another soul.

    Things that matter to me might not be for you, but I want you to know the idea of falling in love is easy because you have a smartphone to swipe and match, but finding a soul to love is difficult. It is not a fragment of your virtuality.

    Time and again, we are depressed or we throw someone into the pit of depression. Let's look into the depth of our love and find out what exactly do we want?

    Reasons behind why we need to fall in love with the souls and not with faces.

    Fall In Love With Souls, Not Faces. Remember Please!

    1. Physical attributes are just a part of the soul

    We are running behind something that is just a part of the bigger picture. We seek for beauty in the face and the body of another person. We forget the reality of the aging process. We forget that face is just another attribute. The real jewel is the virtuous soul.

    Finding a soul to love is difficult and when you find one, you know the truth of happiness in love.
    The partial beauty you see through the eyes is probably a quarter of the soul. The compassion, kindness, affection, adoration and the charming aura that the soul provides is beyond the reach if you fall in love with the face.

    Momentary happiness is not a part of love. Love is the bundle of emotions when two souls fall for it.
    Guide your heart through the path to reach another soul and you will be richer in love than you ever thought.

    2. The vastness of the soul is energizing

    A soul is a universe and our body, its galaxy. Falling in love with faces restricts us to the vastness of the soul and we miss out on the beauty of it. The vastness is so enriching that we never fall out of love once we fall for souls.

    Love can be anything, a feeling, a sensation, a person, a state of being, etc. when you fall for another soul. Souls are vast and there is no limit to its expansion. A body has its ending, unlike soul and when we fall in love with another soul, the love we share becomes immortal.

    3. Souls are the purest of all

    While we seek for physical beauty in a person, we seek for various attributes in them. Some go for the face, some for the smile, some for the eyes and some for the cascade of hair. We limit the beauty to just what our senses perceive.

    We forget there is depth into another person. We forget if our requirements of beauty weren't just by how the person looks, perhaps we would have known them better and that is where we miss out on the purest of all attribute, the soul.

    A person might not be beautiful, but the soul cannot be judged by it.
    We live in a world where our generation's sole perspective is to judge another human without even looking into the well of its soul.

    Falling in love with the soul gives the purest of emotion, as the soul delivers no impurity. The devotion of love when it comes to the soul is unending and that is the love we should seek. It will never leave our side.

    We see the love of a dog irrespective of how it looks; but when it comes to humans, we limit our boundaries to the body.

    4. A face doesn't give you the happiness you seek

    If only face and body could give us the feeling of being loved, we all would have been happy with our partners.

    If only happiness was hidden in the body, we all would have been the happiest in the world.
    Face and body don't give you the happiness that you seek. It is the soul that enriches us with happiness.

    When you fall into the soul of another human, you understand the depth of the emotion that lies in them. And that is when you sync with the other soul in love and happiness becomes an emotion brewed in love.

    Fall in love with faces and you will never reach the soul. Fall in love with faces and you will never know the depth of love.

    We are deeper than we thought, and we seek for happiness in love.

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    Story first published: Friday, April 27, 2018, 12:45 [IST]
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