What People Revealed About The Best Relationship Advice They Got

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You don't need any relationship advice if you feel happy in your love life. But when there are minor tremors in your relationship, you may start looking around for advice.

Well, all of us must have tried to gain a better perspective about life and relationships at least once. That is when some quotes or advice may help us.

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Here are some pieces of advice handpicked from many people's opinions about relationships....


Advice #1

"When your libido is dead, you might need to spend time in bed, doing nothing but talking to each other. So, marry someone with whom you can enjoy a conversation with". The physical attraction soon fades and only love can save your relationship in old age.


Advice #2

"If you are enjoying your time alone than when you are with your partner, then you are in the wrong relationship". Relationships are meant to bring more joy than loneliness.

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Advice #3

"Don't try to start a new relationship before coming out of the old one". What if your ex comes back and you regret your new relationship?


Advice #4

"In a good relationship, both you and your partner are comfortable saying sorry to each other when required". Where the mask of ego drops, love prevails.

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Advice #5

"Good couples never fight in public. Bad couples never kiss even in private". Yes, both disagreements and romance can be done in private.


Advice #6

"If you look up to someone, he or she might look down upon you. So, find equality in your relationship". Yes, if your partner treats you like an inferior, you may feel like running away.


Advice #7

"Love is not only about the romantic equation. It is also about helping your partner grow and enjoy life". You can't romance the whole day. Life brings several other challenges too.

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Advice #8

"In a good relationship, hard work looks like fun. In a bad relationship, fun seems like work". This can define your happiness quotient in your choice of relationships.


Advice #9

"If you can't spend time alone in a party when your partner is having a nice time with others, then you are in a wrong relationship". Of course, if you are worried whether your partner will flirt with someone in the party, then there is no trust factor.


Advice #10

"If your relationship seems effortless, you are in the right place". If you are scared of going home after office, then you have the wrong partner at home.

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