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Reject A Man If He Has These Qualities

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When choosing a man, women generally appreciate certain qualities depending upon their age, stage, upbringing and backgrounds.

For example, when your were in your teenage, a guy who raced fast on his bike in your street might have impressed you but once you cross your 20, that may look silly to you.

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So, with age, your choices tend to change. But irrespective of your age, you may need to stay away from men with some negative masculine qualities. Here are they:



A man who is short tempered may make your life hell. If you find any such clues on the first date, keep moving. A guy who shouts at everyone to feel superior may also shout at you to feel powerful. Such a man is a coward inside.



A man who tries to use his physical strength to push through things isn't civilised yet. So, if you see your guy trying to show his manliness in the wrong way, just say no to him. He might look like a hero now but later that very quality will make your life hell.

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A guy who is rude and arrogant will never have the patience to listen or time to care for you. Also, such a person will never take even constructive feedback as he thinks he is right all the time. Say no!



A guy who starts his day and ends his day with addictions will never have time to care for you. Also, his addictions could burn his money and your money too.

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Abusive Nature

A guy who derives pleasure from torturing others will do the same to you. Sometimes, abuse could be very subtle. Some men abuse emotionally. Say no to him if he tries to control your life.



A guy who carries airs is proud and egotistic. Such a man feels as if a life partner is there to serve him all the time. A man who fails to treat you as an equal should be rejected even if he is wealthy.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 11, 2017, 9:05 [IST]
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