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What Guys Notice About Your Looks & What Do They Secretly Think?

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Men spend a lot of time thinking about women. And when a beautiful woman is a colleague or a neighbour, they start day dreaming.

And most of the guys between 18 to 27 are alike as far as attraction is concerned. Actually, a beautiful woman can raise the temperature in a man instantly.

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The brain chemistry of a guy suddenly changes when a hot woman suddenly comes into sight. So, are you wondering what men in general think? Read on...


Fact #1

70% of the guys who come across an attractive woman would first wonder whether she is approachable. They try to either maintain eye contact or start a conversation to see how well you receive.


Fact #2

Almost 89% of Indian men try to check for a 'sindhoor' or 'mangal sutra' on a woman to know if she's single.


Fact #3

At least 69% of the men think that you are looking at them even if you slightly turn your head when they are around. They live under such illusions as it gives them kick.

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Fact #4

At least 78% of the men in their twenties throw a party to friends even if a beautiful girl talks or smiles at them.


Fact #5

Almost 65% of the men fantasise their hot female colleagues and also imagine them as life partners in their dreams.

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Fact #6

Nearly 54% of men get intimidated when they see a high maintenance girl. They stay away due to inferiority complex.


Fact #7

Almost 67% of the men try to analyse a woman in order to know if she is wife material. Though it may sound silly, for some men, a passive, silent woman who never shows any sign of impatience or aggression is wife material.


Fact #8

Almost all men are scared of a gold digger; hence they look for clues which indicate that a woman is materialistic.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 10, 2017, 15:33 [IST]
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