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Reasons Why Women Open Up More To Female Friends

By Shabana

"A friend is the one where you find your other self."

The other day, I was going through my Facebook feed and read this quote. It instantly struck to me. Mostly because it was so true.

My best friend happens to be a female who is just like me. We literally see ourselves in each other. That's the beauty of friendship.

Sometimes, I think what if my best friend was a guy? Would our friendship be the same or would the gender dynamics change it? That made me think about my current friend and the reasons why we are soul sisters.

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When you have friends of the same gender, there is a level of comfort. That comfort makes you want to share everything with your friend. A female friend will be able to understand all that you are going through. Male friends may be biased about their opinion.

Here are a few reasons why women find solace in female friends more.


1) We Go Through Similar Situations:

Women connect more with female friends because they go through almost the same things in life. A female friend will be able to better understand your PMS or your mood swings because they themselves go through the same. This makes women believe that female friends understand them better.


2) They Are Good Listeners:

Female friends will try to listen to you. You can rant about anything on earth and they will absorb everything like a sponge. They will also not try to be judgemental on you. This makes you open up to them rather easily.

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3) No More Pretension:

You can be your truest self with them. You don't have to lie to them about your preferences regarding anything. You don't have to pretend to them to like something just to please you. Women are usually good at catching lies and they really appreciate honesty.


4) They Are Extremely Reliable:

Female friends can be your 4 AM saviours. Need a ride home after a night of heavy partying? Need to escape from a horrible blind date? Count on your best friend to come to your rescue in any sticky situation.

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5) They Will Give You The Right Advice:

Female friends will be brutally honest with you. They will tell you if this dress is making you look fat. You can also rely on them to give you advice about anything under the sun.


6) They Are Non-judgemental:

Even if you are struggling with your life personally or professionally, they will be by your side without judging you. They will help sail you through even your 100th break up.

Female friends tend to understand you in every way. They will always find time for you. They will accompany you on all your shopping trips. They will understand all your weird stuff and fantasies. You become so comfortable with each other that you do not think twice before sharing all your secrets with each other.

"They say nothing lasts forever....dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style".

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