What To Do When A Condom Gets Stuck Inside Her?

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A condom is generally used to avoid pregnancy and also reduce the risk of STDs. But does it offer enough protection? Well, if used correctly, it can.

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But in some cases, there could be unforeseen situations like condom breakage or condom getting stuck inside. This could totally nullify the safety effect of using a condom.

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So, here are some things to know in such a situation. Ensure that you also consult a doctor if such an incident occurs with someone who isn't your partner.


When Does It Happen?

A condom might get stuck inside when ejaculation occurs after the erection is gone. When the firmness of the manhood is lost, the grip over the condom may lose.


How To Avoid It?

To avoid such a situation, it is better to remove the manhood before the erection is lost. This will prevent the condom from getting stuck inside.


How To Remove It?

As a woman's privates are sensitive, it is better to remove the condom by safely pulling it away if the edges of it are visible from outside. It is better if she herself can do it to avoid any injuries.


What To Do If It Fails?

Immediately, rush to the gynecologist. Doctors have the necessary tools, instruments and equipment to make the job easy. Also, a doctor can ensure that there are no fragments of the condom stuck inside while pulling it out.


What Happens If Pieces Of Condom Are Left Inside?

It causes infections and irritation. That might affect your love life later.



Yes, if the broken condom has semen inside, the chances of an unwanted pregnancy may increase. So, a doctor can prescribe an emergency contraceptive.


What If It Happens With A Stranger?

Well, in that case, it is better to get yourself tested to rule out the risk of STDs or other infections. Therefore, ensure that you carefully use a condom.

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