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Signs You Are In A Toxic Friendship

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In every relationship, there are many ups and downs, but overcoming it and succeeding in handling the tough times is something that should be an effort from both the sides.

These are the things that are not only important in your love-based (bf/gf) relationships, but also in your friends' circle.

Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the signs that you are in a toxic friendship.

We feel that our friends are there with us for life long; however, there may be times when you are not able to connect with them, and this is when tables turn and the relationships turn sour.

Trying to find the root cause of these unwanted tiffs and fights can save your friendship of years.

Sometimes, it so happens that we tend to take our friends for granted and do not realise that they are hurt. This is where it all begins, yet there are other reasons for fallout as well.

So, find out about the signs which show you are in a toxic friendship and it needs to end this instant.


Sign 1: They Need You For Everything

They cannot take their own decisions and always wait for your opinion. If they are depending on you for every single decision, then the relationship becomes toxic. Make them understand before you cut them off from your life.


Sign 2: You Are Dread When You See Them And Relieved When They Leave

You are no more excited to see them and wish they leave fast. You are quite conscious about your words with them, as they start judging you in everything that they do. Instead, make sure you do not have them around you for longer.


Sign 3: You Are Always In A Conflict

Even for the most silliest of reasons you feel you are fighting with your friend and suddenly realise that you just do not know the other person anymore. There is no reason which is not left for you guys to fight on unnecessarily.


Sign 4: You Suffer From A Friendship Whiplash

The unpredictability in your friendship takes a toll on your mental health. You tend to become more anxious or depressed when you got to be with that friend of yours and you are confused about your friend's choice.


Sign 5: They Never See Their Flaws

You shared memories of how your parents would scold you for silly reasons in your childhood, but now your friend has taken up this role and thinks that they are perfect and correcting you is their duty, which is just not cool at all!


Sign 6: Your Friend Betrays Your Trust Often

As friends, you both have certain rules that you decided never to break; however, you find your friend betraying your trust and is not guilty about it. This is a sure sign which proves that your friendship needs to end right there.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 2, 2016, 18:15 [IST]
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