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Confessions Of Womanisers

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The term womaniser is always shown in negative light as we tend to imagine them as heartless people who cheat. Recently, when relationship experts tried to study the behaviour of womanisers, certain facts came to light.

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Nearly 3500 womanisers from various parts of the world were asked several questions. Most of them hated to be labeled as a womaniser. Also, even hardcore womanisers seldom behave like that for their whole lives. Some do change with time and situations.

Also, some of them who participated in the survey claimed that they were like that only till marriage; they admit that marriage changed them a lot.

Another fact is that there are two types of womanisers. Some do admit it openly that they can't be monogamous. They are straightforward in accepting their reality. The second category of womanisers belongs to the cheaters who secretly womanise even when they are in stable relationships.

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When experts looked at the confessions of womanisers, they understood that some of them are genuine at heart whereas the rest of the cheaters do need therapy for their addiction for women. Now, let us take a look at the facts about these interesting men.


Some Men Are Faithful (As They Have No Other Option)

This may not be true for all the men on this planet but there are some men who are monogamous only because they have no option.


All Men Are Not Womanisers

Looking at a select few womanisers, many people conclude that all men are like that but this is far from truth as there are a handful of monogamous men on this planet.


It Is Surely Fun To Be A Womaniser

All womanisers agree that they enjoyed that phase when they could date as many people as possible without any strings.


You Can't Change A Womaniser

Changing anyone isn't easy. Change has to come from within and this is one of the confessions of womanisers. Some of them claim that only time and 'certain situations' changed them.


Every Womaniser Regrets At Least Once (When His Soul-mate Dumps Him)

95% of the womanisers confessed that they were dumped by their soul mates only due to their womanising ways. They also reported that the pain of a breakup changed them overnight.


90% Of The Men And Women Fantasise Multiple Partners

Many surveys indicate that almost everyone tends to have dirty dreams with their colleagues or other people's spouses but there ends the matter. They don't try to pursue such dreams in reality due to the norms of the society.


Maturity And Wisdom Can Transform Even Womanisers

We all grow and some of us resist growth. But time and tide changes everything and the same applies to even womanisers. When wisdom dawns upon them, they mature.

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Story first published: Friday, January 22, 2016, 11:19 [IST]
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