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Why Women Prefer Experienced Men

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A new study claims that women hate men who have too many affairs in the past; but wait, they would also hate a man who never had a single affair or previous experience in romance.

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According to this study, women would want their men to have some experience in the past. The study involved questioning nearly 3500 women aged between 18 to 40.

A majority of them said that they would any day prefer a man with experience than a man without experience. Only a small percentage of those women said that they would like to have a man who never hand previous relationship experience.

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When asked about the reason why, a majority of women said that experienced men know more about handling a woman, keeping her happy and understanding her in a better way. Now, let us know what women want and why they choose experienced men.


He Can Deal With Your Emotional Highs And Lows

A man who has never dated before might not know anything about the emotional depth of women and this reduces the chances of his success rate in his first relationship. An experienced man can deal such a situation better.


He Knows The Pain Of A Heart Break

A man who has experienced the pain of a breakup in the past, would never like to experience it again. Therefore, he may choose his dates carefully. And he also ensures that his new relationship never turns into a heart break.


He Knows How To Care For You

An experienced man knows that a woman loves attention and care. So, he would like to treat a woman like a delicate flower.


He Knows What A Woman Wants

Women are a mystery and men can never understand them. But experienced men can at least figure out a bit about what women want.


He Knows When To Shut Up

When a women flares up, a man should sometimes keep shut to keep the situation under control. Only experienced men know this.


He Can Patiently Listen

In general conversations, if the man chatters or keeps bragging about himself, it would turn off a woman. But a patient listener would turn her on. Experienced men are exactly that.


He Knows How To Offer Ecstasy

Between the sheets, an experienced man knows what gives you ecstasy whereas a fresher would simply try to derive pleasure instead of giving it.


He Can Stay Committed

As experienced men have seen enough of fun in the past, they would like to settle down instead of stray around. This is the best thing about mature men.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 21, 2016, 22:36 [IST]
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