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Why Do Couples Fight Over Nothing?

It goes without saying that couples do have arguments and even disagreements. But why do couples fight? Well, there could be so many reasons but there are some very common reasons too. It is completely okay to fight with your life partner but things won't be okay if the problem is not solved after a fight.

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Well, some couples fight for eternity and totally forget that fights are there to solve problems and not multiply them. Well, some of such fighting couples do head for a break up and some do live together, only because they are forced to live together due to the knot.

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If compatibility exists in a relationship, most of the arguments get solved faster. In fact, it is healthy to have disagreements but it would be unhealthy to throw frustration on one another without trying to solve the problem.

Why Do Couples Fight Over Nothing?

Why Do Couples Fight So Much?

For some couples, money could be the problem. Maybe, one partner earns, while the other spends it without thinking twice. Well, if you are in a relationship, try to be very judicious with your partner's money and ensure that you never squander it . Half of the problems start with money. If you are careful, you can avoid such financial conflicts.

It is better to not make your partner jealous if you are wise. If you brag about your romantic history or if you try to flirt with another person in front of your partner, you've had it! A fight will surely start after reaching home. Why do couples fight over nothing? Well, jealousy could be one good reason.

Why do couples fight after having a baby? Well, after a baby is born, the household chores increase and this becomes a burden. If chores are not properly shared, one of the partners would surely get frustrated with the amount of work that has to be handled on a daily basis. This would lead to fights.

Why do couples fight so much? Well, after a relationship gets boring, dissatisfaction breeds in. If the couple is incompatible too, then fights would last till eternity.

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