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Qualities A Modern Woman Expects In Her Man


Most of the men generally get quite confused about the expectations of women. When it comes to the modern day woman, men generally get confused about how to impress them. It is not tough to win the the heart of the modern woman if you understand what she actually expects in a man.

Be The Man All Modern Women Want

Generally women are mysterious and a bit complex at least to men. This is why men find it a bit difficult to figure out what impresses a woman. Some men think that all women would just expect a good career and security from a man but there are other qualities that women expect. In fact, if you observe carefully, you might understand the fact that the modern day woman would give first preference to certain good qualities than money or security. She will never prefer a man who is just a billionaire but doesn't know how to behave well. In this article, let us discuss about the same.

What does the modern day woman expect?

Intelligent conversation

Today's women are intelligent. This is one of the characteristics of the modern woman. The modern day woman wants the best in everything. Apart from other important qualities, a man must be able to stimulate her mind with an intelligent conversation. A woman would love to be in the presence of a man who can give her great company.

Good sense of humour

A man who is serious all the time, might bore a woman these days. A bit of humour and wit would lighten the air when she is around. So, being able to smile and make the woman smile is one quality that is of importance today.

Being supportive

Deep down, a woman is a woman and she would still expect a man to be her 'knight in the shining armour'. As a man, if you are able to render your support to the woman in all situations, you will be able to score well. Being there for her whenever she wants is one good quality to cultivate.

Being able to give space

Sometimes, a woman would like to withdraw. She might feel like locking herself up in a room without talking to anyone. In such situations, she expects the man to understand her need for privacy. But when a man tries to intrude without giving her enough space, that might turn off the woman.

Being able to boost her moods

This is one of the expectations of the modern woman. When she feels low, she would expect the man to do something to lift her moods up. When a woman gets close to a man, she expects him to be with her in all ups and downs. When she is disturbed, if a man gives his best to make her feel normal, a woman feels happy to be with him.

Story first published: Thursday, January 15, 2015, 9:55 [IST]