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8 Relationship Stereotypes You Need To Break

When we have certain preconceived notions about a set of people or relationships, it is called a stereotype. Most of the time, we go by our long held stereotypes about a relationship. In a way, most relationships are stereotyped. For example, lets take the most rudimentary relationship in a family unit, a husband and wife.

In our society even the relationship between a married couple is stereotyped. Husbands and wives are expected to play out their well defined roles. They are not expected to be friends but conjugal partners. Sticking labels on relationships often leads to creation of these stereotypes. Until we break out of these self created typecasts, we can never embrace progressive ideas like open marriages, same sex marriages etc. Another type of relationship that is seriously misjudged is that of a mom-in-law with her daughter-in-law. It is ridiculed, stereotyped and totally blown out of proportion.

Even other type of relationships that are slightly more novel than a marital bonds are equally typecast. Take the example of a boss and his/her employee. Is there any rule saying a boss cannot share a unique relationship of friendship with his or her subordinates? Yet many cruel jokes and malicious comments are passed about such relationships because they are stereotyped.

Here are some of the stereotyped relationships in our society that needs to break out and be redefined.


Mom-in-law And Daughter-in-law

This is probably the most stereotyped relationship in the universe. Everybody thinks that your mom-in-law is a monster who is out to get you. But you could actually find an experienced friend and guide in your mother-in-law; only if you give her a chance.


Guy and Girl: Best Friends

There is a famous saying that reads, 'A girl and boy can never be just friends'. Who has given us the right legislate on all friendships in the world? Every relationship is unique and these stereotypes impede of the special aspects of a friendship.



People always say that it is better not to be in touch with your ex-partner. But why? Can there not be a genuine friendship and respect between two people who were once lovers? It is absurd to be so judgemental.


Boss and Subordinate

Not every boss in the world is a nightmare. If only you leave aside some stereotypes, you can actually get along very well with your boss. You can even develop a cordial friendship outside the office.


Older Man and Younger Woman

Whenever we see an older man with a younger woman, we think of two things. Either the girl is after his money or the man is having a bit of adolescent fun. Why doesn't it occur to us that there can be a deep friendship between two people from different generations.


Bitchy Girl Gangs

Two women can never stand each other because women are inherently jealous. This stereotype demeans all girl gangs as bitchy. But women do develop a very strong bond of friendship among themselves and they are as supportive as guy gangs.


Platonic Love

Love does not really have to be consummated or domesticated. There is a kind of love that frees you because you have no expectations from the person you love. Unfortunately this ancient concept of love does not find favour in the modern world.


Long Distance Relationships

Why do people always say that long distance relationships don't work? In the modern world where both partners have to pursue careers, it is natural to be located in different cities. If love cannot brave distance, then is it any good?

Story first published: Friday, January 25, 2013, 16:11 [IST]
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