How Much Do You Know Your Father?

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For most of us who grew up in average Indian families, Dad has always been a fleeting figure. He went to work in the morning and came home late at night. When we grow up, we rationalize to ourselves that our father must have been a workaholic as we have seldom seen him. How many of us have actually tried to know our father well?

How Much Do You Know Your Father?

In the busy days of our lives, we have lost all sense of time and place. Forget family, we can hardly give time to ourselves. Then it is probably time to understand why your father did not have time for you. This Father's Day, try see how much you know your father. It will be the best gift for him.

How Much Do You Know Your Father?

1. Dad's Bachelor Days: Most of us know little about our father's bachelorhood days. We seem to think of our parents as a single unit that was always together. Ask your dad how life as a bachelor treated him and be ready for the funny bachelor stories that pour out.

2. I Forgive You Daddy: For all those of you who think that their workaholic dads' did not give them time, you must move on. It is vital that we forgive our parents, especially dads, as they cannot ask for forgiveness. Ask your dad why he could not attend your Graduation day or your first stage performance. May be you will end up knowing your father's compulsions much better than you ever did.

3. Why Always Partial To Mom?: Most fathers feel that their kids have always been partial to their mothers. But as dad's are not too good at expressing and we do not care to know our fathers that well, we never realize this grudge exists. Take this opportunity to ask your dad is he feels like this too. "Do you really love your mom more than your dad?" This is a question you will have to answer yourself.

4. Are You Still A Busy Dad?: Does it ever occur to you that your dad might be a little lonely after leading a super busy life. All his working life, he could not give you time, and now, you do not have time for him. As it is Father's Day, ask your dad if he would like to go for a dinner with you or spend a 'boys night out' with his friends. It will give you an excellent opportunity to know your dad better.

On this Father's Day, don't just wish your dad. Give him the most valuable gift, your time.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 18:16 [IST]
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