Can A Guy Be Your Best Friend?

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Most marriages or relationships don't work out because the man and woman cannot understand each other well. Gender differences are becoming increasingly irreconcilable these days. So in a scenario like this, if you find your best friend to be a guy, it definitely raises a few eyebrows.

We are generally a little conservative about a girl having guy friends. As a society, we have moved on in many ways. We do not flinch at the mention of live-in relationships, extra-marital affairs or one night stands. But when a girl calls a guy her best friend, we still look at it with apprehension.

Guy Friend

Let us play devil's advocate and examine both sides of the coin. There can be many reason in favour of or against a guy being your best friend.

A Guy Can Be Your Best Friend:

  • Guy friends are much more fun than girlfriends. They take you cycling or swimming or just driving when your girl gang is busy bitching.
  • You can get to know men much better when they are your friends because they do not keep up pretenses. You can use this knowledge of men's psyche in your romantic relationships too.
  • It is possible to be just friends with a guy and there are many examples of this. Even if you did have romantic feelings for each other at some point of time, it can always be converted to friendship later on.
  • Men are always better friends than boyfriends. So it is good to make the best of your relationship with men as friends. As soon as they become boyfriends, they become possessive, unthoughtful and complacent.

A Guy Cannot Be 'Just' Your Best Friend:

  • All women in the world keep cribbing that their partners do not understand them. When you have found a guy who understands you, why do you want to be just friends? What a waste of potential!
  • Even if you know he is just your guy friend, your boyfriend may not want to look at it with same perspective. When your boyfriend gives you problems about your 'best friend', which side will you choose?
  • If a guy is your best friend then either he is effeminate or you are a tomboy. Otherwise, the male brain and female brain are never on the same wavelength.

So there are arguments both for and against having a guy as your best friend. Which side do you choose?

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