Gay Guys Are The Best Friends

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How would it be if you had a friend to drop you back home every time after a party? A guy who would be your friend and listen to all the tales of your broken heart patiently. Wouldn't it be nice if you could be best friends with a guy and yet he would never expect more than just friendship from you? Such an idyllic situation could be possible only if you are friends with gay men.

Most women feel that gay men are the best kinds of men to be friends with. Not only are they kind human beings but they also seem to have a deep understanding of women. Here are some reasons why women love men who are gay.

1. They know so much more about brands. If a guy can look at your new bag and say that it is from Versace then he is probably gay. And we don't mean gay in a demeaning sense. He can also tell the brand of your shoes and your jeans without seeing the tag. Isn't that simply great?

2. Gay men are the only men who can call you 'Honey' everyday. Imagine a guy who can talk to you with endearment every time! No matter how sweet your boyfriend is, he can never call you 'Honey' or 'Dear' on a regular basis. But your best pal, will do that for you. Such guys are just too good to be true.

3. Gay guys are the best guys to call when you are in trouble. When you call upon a guy to pull out of some mess, he will either try to get macho or except some favours in return. But gay men will help you without expecting anything on the relationship front. Think how uncomplicated your life can be when you are around gays!

4. The best guys to drop you home after a night of drinking are gay guys. There is no chance of him pulling over on a dark highway and trying to get cosy with you. It is good to have a reliable buddy who will always drop you home no matter how drunk you are.

5. Your relationship status can be 'just friend' for life. Most man-woman relationships begin with friendship and then move on to love. But when it comes to gay men, there is no need to take your relationship to the next stage. You can just be best friends for life.

This is probably why they say that all the good guys have boyfriends. Do you have a very special friend who is gay and is absolutely irreplaceable in your life?

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 18, 2012, 18:29 [IST]
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