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Lessons For The Father Of The Bride


Are you going to be the father of the bride soon? Then first, our congratulations and then our condolences. Your daughter's wedding is the only occasion that can call for both congratulations and condolences. On the one hand, your daughter has found the love of her life and you are calling your friends and family to celebrate that. On the other hand, giving away your 'little girl' can be a notch more painful than you imagined.

We haven't even come to the part about accepting your daughter's new family and being nice to them yet. So over all, being the father of the bride is a tough job. So this Father's Day, take a crash course on how to handle this critical phase of a father daughter relationship.

Lesson For The Father Of The Bride: Father's Day Special

Lesson 1: Your would-be son in law is not your enemy. Or rather, you should not make an enemy of your son in law. Always remember that you are putting your daughter in jeopardy by disliking the most important man in her life.

Lesson 2: If your daughter supports her husband against you, then it doesn't mean that she has changed loyalties. It could mean that you are genuinely wrong. Just think about it; did your daughter never disagree with you before she had that special someone in her life?

Lesson 3: She is YOUR daughter and nothing in the world can change that fact. You need not take a phrase 'giving a daughter away' literally. She is and will be your blood till the last day of her life. You need not be insecure about her.

Lesson 4: Your daughter is grown up and soon going to get married. Do not bother her with questions like "Did you eat?", "What are you doing this weekend?" etc. Once she comes under the pressure of managing work, marriage and household, she will get irked by these seemingly harmless questions.

Lesson 5: After your daughter's marriage, she becomes one plus one. The father of the bride has to accommodate this change. Every time you buy her a dress, you will have to buy her husband too! Make sure you do not violate this rule because the person most hurt by this will be your daughter.

Fathers Day is the best excuse for the father of the bride to start learning. Have you learned any other lessons after giving your daughter away.

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Story first published: Friday, June 15, 2012, 9:50 [IST]