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5 Interesting Things About Liars You Should Know

According to a blog based on a survey by the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, around 75 per cent of people say 0-2 lies a day, and these lies are mainly little white lies or lies about unimportant matters without hurting the sentiments of others. [1]

It is not easy to detect a lie. Some experts such as psychiatrists, trained police officers or psychologists may detect liars by reading lies through facial expressions and body language.

Liars have certain specific strategies or characteristics that make them prolific liars. In this article, we will unravel some of the things about liars that you should know.

1. There are two types of liars

According to the Journal of Language And Social Psychology, there are two types of liars: prolific liars and normal liars. Prolific liars are the ones who say five or more lies a day and believe that lying is often an acceptable thing in any circumstance. They lie mainly to protect their secrets and self-interests, compared to white liars who lie out of concern for others. [1]

2. Liars lie more for their team

According to studies, people are more inclined to tell lies to get rewards that will help their entire team rather than rewards that are only for themselves. For example, employees may say white lies to their manager or a child may lie to parents to save their siblings from troubles.

3. Liars forget after lying

According to a study, many liars are less likely to remember events after lying about them. Around 10-16 per cent of people may remember because they tend to create a memory about the event after imagining it clearly and they trick the brain and make it believe that the lie was true. [2]

4. Liars use simple words

The most important strategy used by liars is the use of simple and clear words. They prevent adding extra details and give information that is short and relatable. They are experts at knowing the appropriate time to deliver a lie. These characteristics differentiate them from poor liars, as the latter add too many details and get caught.

5. Men are good liars

According to a study published by the researchers of the University of Portsmouth and named "Good Liars", men recognise themselves as twice as good liars as women. In the study, 70 per cent of women and 30 per cent of men self-reported being poor liars. Also, 62 per cent of men acknowledged themselves as good liars, compared to 37 per cent of women. [3]

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