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Why Most Men Are Flirts

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

Have you ever wondered why most men are flirts? With time girls are also catching up the trend but it's men who are famous for their flirting traits. We often come across the term 'healthy flirting'. This term whether a true or is a way to curb off the guilt from the term 'flirting', exists and men are it's ardent followers. Most men who are engaged in a relationship get involved into it. Doctors have even claimed that the excitement, happiness and subtle sense of satisfaction which is experienced by flirting actually is good for health. It adds on to the feel good factors of a person.

But still the big question is that why most men are flirts? Here is the answer -

1.Achievement – To be able to make a girl laugh the flirtatious laughter, to get her shy and to able to bring that twinkle in her eyes, gives a great sense of satisfaction to a guy. The satisfaction of getting a girl under his realm. This achievement is not domination but it all about the game of relationship between a girl and boy, which often tends to hide behind the name of friendship.

2.Attraction – Men have an inbuilt trait of getting attracted to the beautiful opposite sex. You might have noticed that men always flirt with the beautiful girl of the clan. The law of attraction does not start with feeling, it starts with your first sight and for men it happens much more than in women.

4.Fun – Most men are flirts for the sake of fun. It's fun to know that you can flirt with as many girls you want to. It's fun to make other friends jealous of his caliber of flirting. They find it happiness in being able to be the famous man among girls and thus, there is no harm.

5.Relationship Without Commitment – It's a known fact that men avoid commitment and what better way to have a girl in his life than flirting. This choice having a relationship without having to commit makes most men flirts. Flirting, does not bound him to promises, allows him all the fun and is a relation without rules.

These are the five reasons why most men are flirts. But, it cannot be denied that they enjoy flirting because the girl allows it. So, who is actually playing the game? Find here.

Story first published: Thursday, December 2, 2010, 14:12 [IST]
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