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Brainy Men Have Healthy Bodies!

By Staff
Being a nerd might have disappointed you at many instances in life. For instances many brainy men complain about the lack of a hot date in their lives! But, cheer up! A brainy man is most likely to have a healthy body than the other dudes.

Men with lower IQs are more likely to suffer from loads of health issues like hernias, to ear inflammation, to cataracts. These problems are less in men showing greater intelligence. It poses the question to epidemiologists: why is it that intelligence is a predictor for things that seem so very far removed from the brain!

One evident counter-argument is that intelligent people make healthier choices. However many indicators of healthy living, such as a low body mass index and not smoking, do not correlate with overall health of veterans as well as several tests of intelligence. The reason may be that an intelligent man give up smoking when they find it's bad for you, they take up exercise when they find out its good for you, and they eat a lot of salad.

Story first published: Thursday, May 28, 2009, 16:21 [IST]