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Summer Vacation! The sweet time of the year when kids can finally take a break from the long hours of school and enjoy the leisure! But how easy is it for the mothers? Constantly trying to come up with ideas to keep their kids busy in constructive ways and preparing delicious recipes to keep them away from the junk food is what the mommies aim at!

We know! Summer vacation can be really tough for all the mothers, to prepare dishes which will be nutritious and tasty, yet will not take up all the time in the world. So, let us share some of our favourite top summer vacation recipes with all of you to make the year's longest vacation a happy and delightful time for you and your family.

Away from junk food!

Kids have a tendency to always get their hands on junk foods! We can not blame them, really! With so many option of crispy chips and varieties of other tasty packaged food out there, it gets tempting for us too. But how many of us are aware that we can prepare equally tasty delights at home, without having to indulge in junk food? Try our enticing platter of homemade street food recipes and chaat recipes and trust us, your kids will not ask for packaged chips again!

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top summer vacation recipes

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Nutritious yet tasty!

Yes, kids would always love foods which comprise an interesting texture and the ones that are easy to munch on. But how healthy are they for your children? Hence, let us solve that struggle for you! We are sharing recipes which will be equally nutritious and enticing for the taste-buds at the same time! For example, have you tried our scrumptious sprouts dhokla recipe? Or our healthy cheese sandwich recipes which stay close to our heart with their crispy toasted breads and melted cheese combo! A platter of these sandwich coupled with a glassful of healthy smoothie can give the vital boost of energy to your kids. Making healthy yet tasty recipe is now easier than ever!

top summer vacation recipes

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Pizza or Pasta? Prepare them at home!

top summer vacation recipes

We can not blame kids. Talk about cheese and we will tell you pizza (and pasta)! But ordering pizzas from restaurants in weekly basis (weekend cravings!) can be tough for our pockets. Plus, restaurant-made pizza can not deliver you a healthy platter of food always. But what if we could make all kinds of pizzas and pasta recipes at home, without going through a hundred difficult steps? Also, our pizza recipes come with the promise of being extremely nutritious as what can be better than a homemade pizza with a thin crust of cheese and a delicious topping of sweet corn, paneer or bell peppers? Check out our pizza recipes.

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Smoothies or fruit juices?

Kids may or may not love fruits as it is, but they sure love smoothie or juice recipes. Buying juice from the grocery always? Even the best of the packaged juices contain a fixed amount of preservatives which basically negate the purpose of indulging in juices. So, say no to artificial coloured and flavoured packaged juices with these yummy smoothie recipes. Smoothies, made at home, will contain the freshness of the fruits, plus endow your health with a high number of minerals and vitamins, making you and your kids healthier than ever!

1)Chocolate Banana Smoothie Recipe| Chocolate Smoothie Recipe| Summer Special Recipes

2)Pineapple Banana Smoothie Recipe | Summer Fruity Delights

3)Sprouts Dhokla Recipe: How To Make Moong Dal Dhokla

4)Homemade Sweet Corn Pizza Recipe

5)White Sauce Pasta Recipe: How To Make Bechamel Sauce Penne Pasta

6)Tossed Paneer And Sweet Corn Pizza Recipe: How To Prepare Tossed Paneer And Sweet Corn Pizza At Home

7)Schezwan Sandwich Recipe | Paneer Cheese Grilled Sandwich Recipe | Schezwan Grilled Sandwich Recipe

8)Chilli Cheese Corn Sandwich Recipe | Sweet Corn Chilli Cheese Sandwich Recipe | Cheesy Corn Sandwic

9)Potato Grilled Sandwich Recipe | Aloo Masala Grilled Sandwich Recipe

10)Aloo Chaat Recipe: How To Make Spicy Potato Chaat

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