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Street Food of India! Not just Indians, wherever you go, you will find connoisseurs of Indian cuisines, especially our varied reach of street food, which significantly changes as you travel from North to South. So, let's take a tour of India's stunning variety of street food, ranging from North to South.

As Indians, we take pride in our wide-range of mouth-watering street foods. Every city that you visit has something new to offer, something scintillating for your taste buds, which will give you a unique experience of the city. We can not imagine roaming in the streets of Mumbai without tasting Pav Bhaji or going to Delhi and not having Dahi Bhalla. South Indian cuisine has our heart with an array of dishes which are tasty and healthy at the same time.

But street foods come with a statutory health warning sign that no eyes can ignore. We all know that these tasty delights, no matter how much they tempt us will not help our health. Hence, to end our dilemma about these temptingly tasty morsels of happiness, we are sharing our favourite top street food recipes, which you can make at home easily and acquire the same taste of the street. Now that's what we call a win-win situation, right?

top street food recipes

What's your favourite street food?

For our top street food recipes, we have accumulated recipes both from South and North. From titillating chaat recipes to bajji recipes, our street food platter offers you almost all the street foods that you have stumbled across somewhere while wandering around. Take a quick look at the list below and let us know which one is your favourite street food.

1)Pav Bhaji Recipe: How To Make Mumbai-style Pav Bhaji

2)Aloo Tikki Chaat Recipe: How To Make Delhi- style Aloo Tikki Chana Chaat

3)Aloo Chaat Recipe: How To Make Spicy Potato Chaat

4)Canapes Chaat Recipe | Quick Canape Bites | Chaat Basket Recipe

5)Dahi Bhalla Recipe : How To Make North Indian Dahi Vada

6)How To Prepare Moong Dal Dahi Vada Recipe

7)Ghugni Recipe: How To Make Bengali Dry Matar Ghugni

8)Matar Kulcha Recipe | Delhi-style White Chane Ke Chole Recipe | Kulcha Chole Recipe

9)Mirchi Bajji Recipe: How To Make Menasinakai Bajji

10)Potato Bajji Recipe: How To Make Aloo Bajiya

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