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Top Weekend Breakfast Recipes | Healthy Breakfast Recipes

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Aren't weekends all about indulging in self-love and spending some quality time with your near and dear ones? Aren't weekends all about fresh mornings, watching sunrise or sunset and evenings to remember by?

Don't we just live for the weekends, anyway?

For us, weekends are all about good food, groovy music and binge-watching on TV shows. And an ideal weekend starts with a sumptuous breakfast which can set the tone for the rest of the day. What is your ideal weekend breakfast?

For an ideal weekend breakfast, let's take a look at our top weekend breakfast recipes, which we can prepare at home in a jiffy, but can deliver us the coziness, the absolute comfort of ghar-ka-khana (homemade food) by a delicious platter of breakie.

Yummy Sandwiches Anyone?

Give your regular bread and butter a break and try all of our sandwich recipes. After all, can you think of anything better than a cheese grilled sandwich with a delicious topping and melted cheese oozing out of it? But, in case you are not a fan of cheese, we have got you covered too! Give your regular cheese sandwich a break with our easy-to-make and delectable hung-curd sandwiches filled with the vital nutrients of fresh vegetables and the protein of curd, perfect for a nutritious lunch-box option for your kids as well as your healthy breakfast spread.

But if you are in a mood to indulge in something more traditional, try ouraloo paratha or the quintessential luchi aloor dom recipe. Aloo Paratha, with its yummy potato filling and a buttery-crisp texture, will need no introduction, as this Punjabi delight is a mutual favourite among us Indians. Though as an authentic Punjabi dish, butter drips out of the aloo paratha, which our diet charts won't approve of, we have given it a healthy yet tasty makeover. Now, isn't that a win-win breakfast dish?

As for luchi aloor dom, it resides in every Bengali's heart as the ultimate Sunday breakfast spread, as nothing can top the freshly fried luchi's crispiness coupled with the soft potato or aloo's taste, making your taste buds crave for more, as you continue to gorge on it.

For the cold mornings, nothing feels better than a warm cup of coffee and a piece of baked goodness - be it cake or muffins, we are all up for it, isn't it? Keeping in mind our mutual love for baked delicacies, here's presenting the recipe of our recent favourite banana and jam cake recipe. Jam adds a tinge bit of sweetness to the banana's creamy flavour, lending it a unique taste to indulge in the morning.

To know more about our top weekend breakfast recipes, scroll down and tell us about your favourite breakfast recipes.

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