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Top Protein Snack Recipes | Easy Nutritious Recipes | Top Veg Protein Recipes

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Snacks! Our guilty pleasure, our companion on a lonely evening or highly functional as a conversation starter! Wherever we go, snacks will be a constant companion. But how healthy is our snacking habit? Can we not make 'snacking' a synonym of putting junk in our body?

Over the past few years, our food habits have gone through a major change and every day we have been exposed to more and more store-bought, packaged food options, which seem to be a more convenient option for the time-being. But snacking need not be an unhealthy habit, especially when we can munch on something delicious and nutritious at the same time.

Our top protein snacks recipe is accumulated to give you a complete list of protein-rich snacks, which can be made without any fuss. These are simple snack recipes which will nourish you with a number of nutritional benefits.

So, how do you choose these veg protein snack recipes? How do you ensure you are indulging in something which contains a high-protein content, thus which can replace an animal source of protein easily?

Sprouts and beans are the highest sources of protein that we have around along with several milk-based products. Amongst all the easy snack recipes, kala chana salad tops the list, as it is so easy to make and lends you a high amount of protein. Fresh salads are always so refreshing for this summer season. Along with serving you protein, our several sprouts salads lend you a high content of carbs, dietary fibre and minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorous. A bowl of these tasty salad recipes will provide you a complete nutrition platter.

Apart from salads, we love snacking on our favourite paneer recipes. Paneer can be a great snacking option and a super easy-to-cook ingredient. From crispy Paneer nuggets to the creamy rich Paneer Afghani, paneer-based snacks are countless and we are drooling over our current favourite Paneer Afghani right now. These milk-based snacks serve you a considerable amount of protein, plus they are considered as one of the highest sources of calcium. To take care of your bones, add these paneer recipes in your week-long food chart.

Along with our aforementioned easy snack options, a special mention goes to our sweet snacks recipe that is peanuts chikki, which will be perfect for you to munch on for all the sweet tooths out there.

To know how to slay these easy nutritious recipes, scroll down and check our top protein snack recipes list and do not forget to share your favourite homemade snack recipes with us in the comments below.

1)Kala Chana Fruit Salad Recipe: How To Make Black Chana Fruit Salad At Home

2)Sweet Corn Kosambari Recipe | How To Make Corn Pomegranate Kosambari Salad | Ugadi Special Easy 5-mi

3)Kadale Bele Kosambari Recipe: How To Make Chana Dal Salad

4)Kadalebele Usli Recipe | Kadlebele Usli Recipe | Chana Dal Usli Recipe | Chana Dal Sundal Recipe

5)Paneer Afghani Recipe | Afghani Paneer Masala Recipe | Easy Afghani Paneer Recipe

6)Paneer Nuggets Recipe

7)How To Make Low-calorie Paneer Tikka Recipe

8)Peanut Chikki Recipe: How To Make Moongfali Chikki

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