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What To Have During Periods | Top Recipes For Periods

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Periods and women! A monthly affair yet the trauma which you never get used to! While not all women face the same pain and menstrual cramps constantly, some of us go through hell and back during this time!

But the good news is that studies have found a number of natural remedies to soothe your periods pain, to a certain amount of extent, if not completely. Mild Yoga, consuming a lot of water, indulging in soothing food are only to name a few. In this article, we will talk about all the top recipes for periods, what to have during periods and what can help you soothe yourself during this time.

Junk food is not the solution

To divert our mind from the immense pain, we all have had an extra packet of chips during this time but does binge-eating actually help you in reducing periods pain? While, binge-eating may distract your mind for a certain amount of time, it can only pile up extra junk to your body. On the other hand, we have found out some really delicious recipes which you can have this time to reduce that stubborn pain in the stomach or cramps.

Go green!

Not a fan of green veggies? Add a couple of green veggies in a cool soothing smoothie in the morning like our green smoothie. While being on periods, our body tends to lose a lot of blood and along with blood, we also go low in potassium, magnesium and iron content. Hence, adding a couple of green veggies in your daily diet will endow you with all the right nutrients and help you against fatigue and dizziness.

Whole grain is the answer!

Whole grain like oats, dalia or brown rice can be your soul-food during the time of periods. Whole grains contain a high content amount of magnesium, which is renowned for reducing muscle tension. Hence, adding oats roti or dalia khichdi can help your stomach ache to soothe naturally.

Legumes to the rescue!

Dal or lentil is known to be a comfort food for all of us. But during the time of periods, dal actually helps you gain more protein and energy and helps you fight the dizziness and lack of energy that you were facing.

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Chocolate is the synonym of happiness!

Yes our love for chocolate is unending and sometimes it actually aids to our situation as well. At least, during this time of the month, we can indulge in chocolate without any sign of guilt because dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants and it helps to boost our serotonin, aka happiness hormone, level. Have you tried our chocolate smoothie yet?

Bananas be bae

Not a fan of banana? Bananas can work wonders during the time of periods. As it is full of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, it will regulate your bowel movements and keep you full for a long period of time. Try churning banana, milk and a couple of dry fruits into a smoothie and see how easily it energizes your body.

Well, that's not all folks! Scroll down below and see all of our top recipes for periods. Don't forget to tell us what recipes would you like us to do next.

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