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Top Dal Recipes | Best Dal Recipes | Easy Dal Recipes

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For Indian recipes, especially when we explore through our rich vegetarian cuisines, dal recipes take up a huge space in it and the vivid varieties of Indian dal produces inspire culinary artists to create more and more delicious dishes out of several dal types, which are available in India. These dal recipes vary significantly from North to South, as we delve into it.

Why dal recipes take up so much of space in our culinary culture? The reason lies in the nutritious promise with which each and every dal recipes that are made. All kinds of lentils and beans are considered to be a great source of protein, hence they are a must have for our daily food chart.

Apart from being a great source of protein, dal recipes are also popular for their delicate and creamy texture and the delicious taste that you get to taste for their slow-cooking process.

Our top dal recipes are not just included in several savoury side dishes; but we have also included recipes which are fulfilling and a complete meal on itself. For instance, moong dal khichdi, the rich and creamy blend of rice and yellow lentils, mixed with several vegetables will cater you a bowlful of sumptuous meal just so easily, which is perfectly balanced with a high content of carbs, protein and fiber, which is extremely healthy and utterly tasty.

From dal makhani to panchmel dal, our best dal recipes have one thing in common, they are really easy to make and they are the ultimate amalgamation of quintessential flavour of dal and our exquisite range of Indian spices.

To check our top dal recipes, go through the below list and do not forget to mention your favourite dal recipes.

1)Dal Makhani Recipe | Punjabi Dal Makhani Recipe | Easy Dal Makhani Recipe

2)Kadalebele Usli Recipe | Kadlebele Usli Recipe | Chana Dal Usli Recipe | Chana Dal Sundal Recipe

3)Moong Dal Kosambari Recipe: How To Make Hesaru Bele Kosambari

4)Moong Dal Khichdi Recipe | Dal Khichdi Recipe

5)How To Prepare Moong Dal Dahi Vada Recipe

6)Moong Dal Payasam Recipe | Hesaru Bele Payasa Recipe | Pasi Paruppu Payasam Recipe

7)Panchmel Dal Recipe: Rajasthani Panchratna Dal Recipe

8)Green Peas And Moong Dal Chilla Recipe: How To Prepare Green Peas And Moong Dal Chilla At Home

9)Sprouts Dhokla Recipe: How To Make Moong Dal Dhokla

10)Moong Dal Halwa Recipe: How To Make Moong Dal Sheera

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