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How To Improve Toddlers Brain Power

By Super

For kids, brain power and memory will increase at its own rate. But, we can do some things to ensure that our child reaches his/her full potential. Experts recommend trying some brain exercises that will help in improving the power of utilising memory. Trying this in early ages is more effective.

Increasing brain power does not mean making an Einstein out of your child. It simply means that you help your child to use his mental faculties, which aides in learning new things like reading, playing games or singing. Keeping your toddler active and healthy ensures a sound mind and body.

Below are some tricks and tips on how to increase brain power and memory of your toddler.


The environment: Making sure that you provide a stimulating environment for your toddler is very crucial in how to increase brain power and memory. Provide him with a happy and safe home for proper development.

Regular exercises: Ensure that your child does not end up a couch potato in front of the TV or computer. Regular physical exercise is a key to increase brain power and memory.

Storytelling: Every child loves a good story. Take the time to tell them simple stories that captures their imagination. It is another method in how to increase brain power and memory.

Building blocks: Building blocks are perhaps the best toys that you can buy for your children to increase brain power. Building things will help improve their imagination as well as thinking capacity.

Let him paint: Buy your toddler some water colours and let him play. He might make a mess of everything, but it will go a long way to increase brain power as he tries to unleash his imagination.

Weekend trips: Take your child on trips to the museum and zoo. Let him observe the various new surroundings, which will stimulate his brain and pike his interests. Thus, you will also learn how to increase his brain power.

Time for play: Let your child go to the neighbourhood park or playground where he can interact with other children of his age. Let him play with them which will enable you to know how to increase brain power.

Their choice: If your child does not wish to do something which you offered, respect his choice. You should not enforce activities upon him. It is all about fun at this time and thereby the child learns how to increase brain power.

Repetitive variety: Provide a variety of activities for your toddler. But, have a repetitive pattern, which will help him conform to a schedule. This is a great idea to help your toddler increase his/her brain power.

Story first published: Monday, March 31, 2014, 10:01 [IST]
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