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Effects Of Chocolates On Toddlers: Guide For Parents


We all love chocolates and there is no point in complaining that your toddler also loves chocolate. But while considering the effects of chocolates on toddlers, it is important to know how much chocolate is good for your toddler.

Eating moderate amounts of chocolate once in a while will not harm your toddler. There are many studies that show the health benefits of good quality dark chocolates and cocoa. This means that chocolates can give positive contributions to your toddler's health.

But, generally we don't give our toddlers expensive dark chocolates - they end up gorging on sugary milk chocolates that are not good for health.

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If your toddler prefers chocolates more than any other healthy snacks, it is time for you to stop it. Studies that are held on the side effects of chocolate on children will let you know how much chocolate is good for toddlers.

Most of the studies recommend that you can give chocolate to your toddler in moderate amount, if his/her diet is otherwise balanced. Health effects of chocolate may give lifelong problems to your child if taken in excess amounts as a habit.

Here are some of the most important health effects of chocolate on toddlers.

Obesity: Obesity in toddlers is one of the common problems that we are facing globally. Obesity and its complications take the first place in the list of bad effects of chocolate on toddlers. This will result in many other associated problems.

Type 2 diabetes: This disease is not limited to adults now a days due to increased consumption of canned fast foods and chocolates. Too much intake of chocolate in the long term affects insulin sensitivity. This will in turn lead to Type 2 diabetes.

Hyperactivity: The refined sugar present in chocolates can enter the blood stream. This will cause a rise in the blood sugar level. This in turn causes a trigger for the production of adrenalin and your toddler can become hyperactive.

Addiction: Regular consumption of chocolates can make your toddler addicted to this. This will make the condition a little difficult to handle. This is one side effect of eating chocolates regularly. Thus it is essential for parents to monitor the amount of chocolate their toddler consumes.

Increased urination: 5 mg of caffeine is present in one ounce of milk chocolate. Since caffeine has mild diuretic properties, your toddler will experience frequent urge for urination. This is yet another side effect of chocolate on children.

Allergies: There are many other substances added to commercially available chocolates. If your toddler is allergic to any of these, it may create problems. This usually happens if chocolate contains milk or nuts, which your toddler can be allergic to.

Rejection of healthy food: If your toddler gets addicted to chocolates or any other processed sugary foods, it will be difficult to make them opt for healthy and nutritious foods. This will ultimately affect his/her developments including cognitive development.

Sleep problems: Even though the amount of caffeine present in chocolate is low, it can cause sleep disturbances in your toddlers if taken in high amount.

Now that you know the effects of chocolate on your toddler's health, make sure you keep a tab on how much chocolate your child eats.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 21, 2014, 13:57 [IST]
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