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6 Toys To Boost Learning Skills In Toddlers


The brain development of a child starts right from the womb. It is very crucial that the mother does her part to help in this development. Kids, especially toddlers, are very inquisitive and want to know many things.

Parents should encourage this and be patient to keep answering every question that the child asks. This will help the child to learn more and it will encourage them to ask more questions. These are all part of brain development.


Parents need to use toys to boost learning skills in toddlers from a very young stage. Brain development starts from the womb. You will need to keep talking to your child in the womb as this will help in its brain development.

Studies have shown that a toddler’s brain has twice the number of neural connections when compared to adults. Toys are essential tools that will develop the creativity and intelligence of your toddler.

There are various toys to boost learning skills in toddlers. One of the good toddler parenting tips is to give your kids toys that will help them boost their learning skills.

Below mentioned are a few toys that can be used.

Play involving hands

This is a one of the toddler parenting tips. You can play peekaboo or patty cake. This will help to keep the child’s brain active and will constantly allow their brain to work. This can simulate a few neurons in the brain and will help in the kid's development.


Books play a very important role in boosting learning skills in toddlers. You can give your child a book from a very young age. Show them animals, encourage them by making noises and modulating your voice; all these will help in the child’s brain development.

Jack in the Box

This is one of the toys to boost learning skills in toddlers. This will help the child to understand the cause and effect relationship. With this, she will be able to relate to the fact that when she touches something, there will be a result to that.

Stacking Blocks

One of the best toddler parenting tips is that you need to get appropriate toys at the appropriate age. The stacking blocks is a good option for toddlers. It will help them develop their concentration and creativity.


This is one of the best toys to boost learning skills in toddlers. Any kind of puzzle is good for your toddlers, but make sure that they are specific for their age. Encourage them to sit with it for some time every day. This will help them to think more and eventually use their brain effectively. As a result, it will help in brain development.

Memory Games

Buying some memory games is a one of the good toddler parenting tips. Children get bored with something in no time. The best way to handle this is to have a few sets in hand and show them when they are bored with the others.

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Story first published: Sunday, September 7, 2014, 9:02 [IST]
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