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5 Principles Of Good Parenting


Parenting can be a herculean task, especially taking into consideration the demands of present day children. With children growing to learn new things every day, their view of the world around them is starkly different from the views of previous era. Thus, it sometimes becomes difficult to understand the manner in which children absorb information these days. In this article, we look at some of the principles of good parenting. These tips for good parenting will help you mould your child and enable him or her to take things the right way in life.


Let us look at some principles of good parenting. Here are 6 tips for good parenting. Read on...


Get Involved With Your Child’s Day to Day Activities

As a parent, it is imperative that you get actively involved with your child's day to day activities. Always ask your child what he or she learnt in school. In the process of knowing what your child learnt in school, feed him with new, useful information.


Do Not Be Too Nice

An important thing for parents to remember is that being too nice to your child can be disastrous in the years to come, for your child adopts a particular propensity whilst dealing with you. Make sure you aren't too nice to your child- one of the most important tips for good parenting.


Watch Your Own Actions

This is something most parents forget. It is important for you as a parent to watch your actions more than anything else, for your child will certainly take from you.


The Rules

Make sure you establish rules. Following these rules will help you have control over your child, his behaviour in specific.


Consistency With Rules

As far as rules are concerned, it is essential that you be consistent. Do not change rules on a regular basis. This will definitely have a negative effect on the child. Also, make sure you enforce the rules always and every time, for if you are intermittent in this regard your child's behaviour might not be in consonance with expectation.

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