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5 Common Home Accidents For Toddlers

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Toddler Accidents
When your toddler starts walking, a whole new world opens up to him or her. He or she wants to explore every aspect of this new and interesting world. This puts your baby at greater risk of common home accidents. That sudden fall or banging of the head can be prevented if you are vigilant.

Some simple child safety measures can minimize the risk of home accidents. Here are some of the commonest toddler accidents that should be avoided.

Top 5 Common Toddler Home Accidents:

1. Rolling Down The Stairs: Stairs are always very interesting to toddlers. For babies, the staircase are an architectural innovation that literally calls to be explored. Once a toddler starts walking, he or she will be tempted to try and negotiate the steps by themselves. This can make them roll down the stairs and cause a major home accident.

2. Head Banging: The rockstars do head-banging out of choice but for your little one, it is a side effect of walking. The baby is used to moving around on all fours when it crawls, but when he or she stands upright or starts walking, they often misjudge the height of furniture around them. You will see them banging their heads on the bottoms of desks, tables and other furniture all the time.

3. Toppling Toys: When toddlers start walking, they have this weird tendency to shake up things. It could be your TV stand, toy cupboard of the kitchen sink. They will try and know it over. This usually results in topping the contents of whatever piece of furniture they are shaking. In some cases, it can lead to very serious home accidents. Imagine what would happen if the television topples down on the baby?

4. Rolling Of The Bed: If you have an active and fidgety toddler, then you can hardly leave him or her alone while sleeping. Kids of this age are very spirited. It is not uncommon for toddlers to roll over side pillows and fall down from the bed. This causes a string of injuries but a swollen head is the most typical result of rolling over from the bed.

5. High On The High-chair: Your toddler usually occupies the place of honour at the dinner table on their high-chairs. Many toddlers find the high-chair a weirdly constricting place to sit. So, they try to get down or even jump down from their high-chairs. Many injuries can occur due to this basic human instinct to break free from the chair they are strapped into.

These are some of the commonest home accidents that occur when your baby crosses the age bar and becomes a toddler.

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