Potty Train Your Toddler In A Weekend!

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Most parents dread the whole process of potty training their toddler. They expect it to be long drawn and tedious. And because the parents are so miffed by it, they try to postpone their toddler's potty training for as long as possible. But once your toddler reaches a certain age, potty training is going to be very difficult.

All experts agree that the older the child grows, the more resistant they become to potty training. That is why the right age to do potty training is in between 15 months and 3 years. All parents are busy these days so here are some potty training tips to help you complete the job in just 1 weekend. These potty training tips are actually inspired from Julie Fellom's 'three day program' for potty training toddlers.

Potty Training

Before The Training:

  • Every training has a warm up period or induction session. Your induction series need to start at least 2 weeks before the potty training weekend.
  • The kid needs incentive to learn new things. So you can create a 'potty song and dance'. This will have be a few chirpy steps with nice lyrics that celebrate the act of going to do potty.
  • The kid learns easily through examples. So the best potty training tip is to take your toddler to the potty with you show him/her exactly how you do it. This must include pulling down your pants, sitting on the potty, passing out stool or urine, pulling up your pants, flushing the toilet and then finally washing your hands.
  • After you are done with potty, do the potty song and dance to entertain your kid. You can do this once a day for a fortnight before the appointed weekend.

On The Training Weekend:

  • Your toddler needs to go without diapers from the first day of potty training. That won't be difficult because most babies hate stuffy diapers.
  • On this particular day, you need to keep a watch on the toddler to see if he/she wants to poop. If you notice any, take him/her to the potty and prompt the right process.
  • If your toddler can manage to do potty on his/her own, you award him/her with the potty song and dance. If not you 'boo' him/her.
  • This must happen extensively for 3 days. And on the second or third day, you must also try taking your toddler out without a diaper for some time.
  • Slowly, try to develop a 'potty signal' to understand that your toddler wants to poop or pee.

After The Training Weekend:

  • Although you can potty train your toddler in 3 days, doesn't mean that this system will work like magic. You still have to keep the reinforcing the rules to make it a habit.
  • Make sure your toddler goes bottomless or without pants at home for 3 months after the potty training. This has been suggested by Julie Fellom herself.
  • Also, get rid of the habit of diapers for good. You should aim to stop using diapers even at night by the end of the 3 months.

So, you can now do the potty training of your toddler within a weekend. Do tell us if you found these potty training tips useful.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 20, 2012, 15:57 [IST]
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