Ways To Wean Toddlers From Breastfeeding

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Although breastfeeding helps in reducing weight gain in mommies, the doubt is how long can they continue doing so. It may become a problem if toddlers get used to drinking breast milk and hate eating the regular food. Many mothers complain breastfeeding for toddlers as a painful process as the children bite and hurt the region with their developing teeth. Today, we will discuss on how to wean toddlers from breastfeed. Take a look.

Ways To Wean Toddlers From Breastfeeding

1. The first step would be to avoid the toddler from the easy drinking. Lactating mothers can massage a teaspoon of neem oil on the nipples. The bitter taste will make them stay away from age old habit and prefer other food. The bitterness may make them cry but neem is good for health (kills all the bacteria and germs in the stomach).

2. To make the baby like cow's milk, smear a teaspoon of honey on the feeding bottle (feeding bottle nipples). The sweetness will attract him towards the bottle and help enjoy cow's milk. Buy a colourful feeding bottle so that your baby gets attracted to the multiple colours and recognise his food.

3. For stubborn toddlers, this tip to wean breastfeeding works. Tell him that his friend doesn't breastfeed any longer and drinks in a cup like big boy. Explain that as his body is growing day by day, he requires more food and breastfeed is not enough. Children follow other children so they will definitely give up the habit.

4. If your toddler hates regular milk, then replace it with flavoured milk by a few drops of strawberry or chocolate or coffee dicoction (please note only a few drops for flavour). The flavour will definitely be tasty and linger in his buds. Remember to make food alternatives for toddlers tasty.

5. And if they still want to be nursed, block breastfeed by covering breasts with lettuce or cabbage leaves so that it will make them feel that there isn't any milk and is no longer worth a try. Show lot of love during this transition. Pamper them with hugs, kisses and gifts, promise to buy them what they like if they eat food and drink milk on time.

These food alternatives will definitely wean toddlers from breastfeed and will relieve lactating mothers without any difficulty. With these ways, mommies can have an undisturbed sound sleep.

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Story first published: Monday, November 21, 2011, 11:03 [IST]
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