How Prepare Your Toddler For School?

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Sending your toddler to school on the first day is going be more than just a bit of fight. Tantrums for toddler are forthcoming and it may be a traumatic experience for you too. So is always better to be prepared in advance. Going to school is the first step of detachment that happens between you and your child. As a baby, he or she was physically connected to you (umbilical cord) and for the first three years of life you have been their soul support. But now you have to let your child go and face the world beyond. School is the first step towards making your child independent.

Here are some of the points regarding which preparation is required for both you and your toddler before school.

Tips To Prepare Your Toddler For School:

  • Never Lie To Your Toddler: If you think that you are going to get away with manipulating your toddler to the school compound and then just push him/her into the gates, then you are gravely mistaken. Going to school for the first time is a potentially scary experience. You child needs the mental preparation time for it and thus you must tell them the truth.
  • A Very Big Change: You must understand that from the day your baby starts going to school his or her life changes forever. They will move on to primary school, high school, college and then work. It is in a way end of this carefree infancy. First of all you need to understand the magnitude of this change to communicate it to your toddler.
  • Think Of Your First Day In School: When you went to school on the first day, what did you feel? Try to recall that feeling. Did you too throw a tantrum as a toddler? Did you feel scared, cheated or alone? If you can capture that feeling then you can help your child deal with it. If you keep thinking like an adult you can never empathize with him or her.
  • You Need To Strong Too: If your heart keeps breaking at the sight of your toddler's tantrum then it is not going to help him or her. You have to be strong. Your baby cried even during vaccinations or even as soon as he or she was born. But it was for the best interests of the child and you had to go through with it. Why should school be any different?
  • Incentives Of School: Going to school has many incentives like making friends, wearing a uniform that makes you feel like a part of something and also all the interesting things you get to do there. You have tell your toddler that school is not a punishment but a door to exploring new options. It is like visiting your favourite aunt, just that mom and dad won't be there!

Use these parenting tips to condition your toddler for school and make the transition smooth.

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Story first published: Monday, November 21, 2011, 11:03 [IST]
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