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Top 4 Foods To Avoid For Toddlers

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Toddler Food
Nowadays, even toddlers are fed with chips, chocolates and fries. It is very common to see them with bumpy tummy because of the junk eating. Parents would want take off from toddler care so they provide anything and everything to them just to see them engaged. They make them watch cartoons and hog a pack of frimes. Today, we discuss on the top 4 foods to avoid for toddlers. Take a look.

Toddlers often get choked while eating food. Avoid foods like popcorn, dry nuts, candies and chewing gums that actually cause choking. They may also be allergic to certain foods like eggs, milk, peanuts, wheat, soy and fish. For more, the list is mentioned below.

Top 4 Foods To Avoid For Toddlers

1. Drinks – It is definitely not bad to extend breastfeeding for toddlers. With that, cultivating a habit of drinking regular milk will prepare him to eat and get immuned to outside food. Cow's milk needs to be pasteurised and boiled for atleast 10 minutes. If your child is allergic to milk then fruit juices can be alternatives. Avoid aerated and artificially flavoured drinks.

2. Peanut Butter - Peanut butter is highly allergic and choking hazard. The sticky butter when mixed with saliva and chokes the throat causing breathing difficulty in toddlers. Even jellies, marshmellows and jams are unsafe. Prefer butter as it melts on the toast and adds flavour to the dry bread.

3. Big Chunks – Your tiny tot has still not mastered the art of chewing so make bits and pieces of the food as it will ease his eating. The bean-sized pieces may get stucked if not cooked or boiled properly so mashing and making a porridge is the best ways to feed to toddler. Avoid frozen foods, cheese and berries.

4. Sticky Hard Foods - Prunes, raisins and popcorns are the highest choking hazards. The sticky substance may get glued to the food pipe causing discomfort. Provide ripe fruits and grated vegetable salad for nutrition.

Maintain the eating area clean and tidy as your child may get allergic to the dust. Sterilize the plates and spoons of your toddler well as he may even lick them while eating.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 24, 2011, 11:00 [IST]
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