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Toddler Activity Tips For Fun Learning

The generation next are born smart so helping them learn a few basics before schooling will help them get even modern and active for the competitive world. As mothers, teaching toddlers should be with care and love and that can happen through simple fun games and toddler activities. Today, we will share a few pre-school games which will not only entertain kids but also help them learn quickly. Take a look at some simple and easy toddler activity tips..

Toddler Activity Tips And Ideas -

1. Keyboard Activity: In a card paper, chalk out some letters and color them in bright colors. Get an old computer keyboard and ask your kid to match the letter with the keyboard letters, this will help learn alphabets as well as know the arrangement of letters on the keyword. Ask your kid to shout loud while matching the letters on the keyboard. Also make him type an email to his dad or cousin introducing him to today's technology.

You Will Need: Keyboard, Card paper, Color Pens

2. Toddler Toduko - Just like sudoku helps in improving your knowledge about numbers, making a similar puzzle will help toddlers too. Draw a table on a card paper and prepare card cuttings of geometrical shapes. Tell your child to place every shape in the box, this will help him learn basics of geometry.

You Will Need: Card paper, Color pens.

3. Letter Magic - Have two bowls next to one another, one bowl filled with letters, numbers and the other empty. Everytime you shout a letter or the color the kid needs to pick and put it in the empty bowl, this will help him learn letters, differentiate colors etc.

You Will Need: Two Bowls, Plastic Letters, Plastic Numbers

4. Alphabet Rhymes - Music ansd songs attract kids than just words so try singing alphabets numbers when he is tired this will help him learn quickly. Also buy a few rhymes from stores so that your kid can listen and learn.

You will Need : Music player, CDs

5. Virtual Pizza - Draw a pizza base on a card paper and newspaper cuttings of vegetables. Help your toddler make a colorful pizza by arranging vegetables and shouting out the names.

You Will Need : Newspaper cutting of vegetables, Card Paper, Color Pens

6. Animal Jigsaw - You can make a jigsaw at home by cutting animal pictures from magazines or by taking print outs. Cut the parts of the animal and ask your tiny tot to match the organs of the animal. Jigsaw is an age old toddler activity but is still one of the best ways to teach kids.

You Will Need: Magazines, Newpapers, Scissors

7. Mobile Hunt : Hide your phone in a place and call from an other phone, ask your kid to play a spy and find your phone. This toddler activity will help improving his ability to listen and follow sounds.

You Will Need : 2 phones

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 15, 2011, 13:32 [IST]
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