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Many lactating mothers complain of the reducing milk production but what about the nourishment of the developing baby. The child was easily getting nutrition and immunity from its mother but the outside food can be allergic and choking. Today, we will discuss on the best food alternatives for breast milk. Take a look.

Best Food Alternatives For Breast milk
1. Cow's Milk & Bottle Feeding: There may be many other reasons apart from breast milk drying up. The lactating mother may be sick and unable to nurse, for such cases bottle feeding is a good alternative. The natural milk is rich in fat, lactose and cholesterol which are vital for the baby nutrition and nourishment. The combination is same as the breast milk.

2. Soya: If the toddler is allergic to cow's milk, he has an even better substitute. The less allergenic (compared to cow's milk) but protein rich soy is the ideal milk for toddler development. But they also can be allergic to babies. The high proteins called anti nutrients are also capable of blocking the enzymes that digest these proteins. This may also affect in the development of the pancreas. Seek the pediatrician's suggestion before starting with the soy foods.

3. Rice Milk: The carbohydrate rich rice lacks in protein and calcium compared to that of the cow's. The toddlers requires 4 vital supplements like vitamins, protein, calcium and fat for its overall development so there is a need for an additional supplement. Preparation of rice milk is too easy, soak a cup of rice in water for a few hours and grind it finely. Strain the ground mixture to extract milk. You can boil rice in water and mash it thoroughly into milk.

4. Almond Milk: Since is a requirement of an alternative protein and fat supplement, almonds can do the needful. The dry nuts contain vital nutrients like magnesium and calcium that supports in the development of healthy heart. Extracting milk from almonds is proved to be a better nutritional supplement than cow's milk. Soak the almonds in a cup of water and grind it into fine paste. Strain the mixture and the milk is ready.

Our suggestion to all the breastfeeding mothers is to continue breastfeed as long as its drying up and simoultaneously but gradually feed the above food alternatives for the toddler development and comfortable food switch over process.

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Story first published: Friday, November 25, 2011, 14:54 [IST]
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