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Looking After Your Children Is Necessary, But Mothers Should Have Their ‘Me Time’ First

It is said that "God could not be everywhere and therefore, he made mothers". There is no denying that only mothers are capable of unconditional love, care for their children. She is the one who won't think twice before sacrificing her sleep for the sake of taking care of her children. Being a mother is indeed the most beautiful thing in the world and probably the greatest feeling. But, like all other things, being a mother has its own set of pros and cons. A mother needs to ensure if her children ate properly if they have completed their homework if they are in harmony with their siblings and the list goes on.

In such cases, it can be really difficult for a mother to spend some 'me time'. At times you may have heard people pacifying a tired mother by saying, "You need to take some rest." But only she knows it is really impossible.

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Well, if you are among those supermoms, then here are some tips that can help you in stealing away some 'me-time' and spending on yourself.

1. Take A Power Nap While Kids Are Asleep

Being a mother is equivalent to letting your sleep fly out of the window, at least till your kid(s) grow up. There can be instances when your children will start crying the moment you close your eyes to sleep. Rather than focusing on other work, it is advisable to take a power nap or sleep along with your kids(s).

Though you can also opt for doing your pending work, rest is more important and will help you to rejuvenate yourself. You may feel irritated and frustrated if you do not have a sound sleep. Therefore, it is better to take a power nap, if not complete sleep to help yourself in feeling energetic and refreshing.

2. Let Kid(s) Be With Their Grandparents

No doubt, you will be always concerned about your kids and want to be always available for your kid(s). But leaving your kid(s) with grandparents is not a bad idea. This way your children will get an opportunity to develop a bond with their grandparents.

Also, you will be getting some time to either finish your pending work, do the dishes, attend an important meeting, buy groceries, go to the gym or simply meet a friend. You need to rely on elders for taking care of your children in your absence.

3. Have Your Meal While Feeding Kid(s)

As a mother, you may be on your toes to make your kids healthy food and ensure they are not starving. But during this time, you also need to make sure that you are feeding yourself as well. Rather than watching your kids eating from their plate, you can eat along with them.

This has two benefits, first, your kids will learn to eat themselves and develop eating etiquettes.

Secondly, you will be eating on time and thus have a proper balance of energy. You can also ensure that you follow your diet plan while your children are having their own food.

4. Engage Your Kid(s) In Some Activities

Rather than letting your kid(s) annoy you and cry all the time, it is better to engage them in some activities. Such as you can bring some colour pencils for your kids and let them draw. You can also make them watch a cartoon show or have a play date with other children of their age group.

Meanwhile, you can stretch yourself, work on your body, wash clothes or cook meals. You can also read a book while your kids are busy colouring their drawing books. This will make your kids have some fun time and learn some new skills.

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5. Divide Responsibilities With Your Spouse

Your spouse is equally responsible for the children. No doubt you are the biological parent of your children, but that doesn't reduce the responsibilities of your spouse. You can ask your spouse to take care of the children while you are busy doing some other work. This way you can have some time in which you can either go for shopping, for watching movies or follow your skincare routine.

6. Assign Some Easy-To-Do Work To Your Kid(s)

It is quite obvious for mothers to do every work of their children and make sure the children are doing well. But rather than bearing the load on your head throughout the day, you can assign some easy-to-do work to kid(s). Such as you can ask your kid(s) to make their bed, arrange their toys or water the plants. This way your kid(s) will not only learn new things but will also help you in completing the work within a short time. In return, you can spend your time doing what you love to do.

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Initially, this can be tough and at the same time, you will get time to rejuvenate yourself. Monitor your children from a distance and try to stay calm while your kids learn from their failures. This will also make them self dependent and an emotionally stronger person.

Story first published: Tuesday, November 12, 2019, 18:03 [IST]