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How Parents' Behaviour Can Help In Raising Well-Behaved Children

It is a wish of almost every parent's wish to raise their children in the best possible way, teach and pass on their best qualities to them. They try their best in making their kids obedient and well behaved. But will that be enough?

It is being said that the first lesson of a kid starts from their home and therefore, their first lesson has to be effective. Teaching kids about ethics and values and giving them the best possible education can make the children 'well-taught'. This might not make the children 'well-behaved'. You might not realise, but your teachings can make your kids well-taught but not well-behaved. For that reason, children learn by seeing what their parents do.

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Doesn't matter if your kids are studying in an elite school, they will follow not what you teach them but what you do. Therefore, in order to make your kids well-behaved, you will also have to behave well in front of your kids.
Scroll down to read how you can raise well-behaved kids.

1. Talk To Everyone With Respect

As a parent, you will be proud and happy when you see your children are giving respect to the elders, relatives, friends and other people around them. But teaching your children to give respect and not following the same will never help. They might not talk with respect to their elders and won't understand the importance of respect. Also, there might be a chance when your children might not show respect to you.

So in that case, instead of scolding or giving a slap or two to your kids, make sure you are respecting your partner and elders. Unless you don't do this, your kids will not understand why is it important to respect others.

2. Be Polite With People

Being polite with people is the greatest gift that you can give to your child. If you are rude to your partner or other people, then your kids will also learn the same. Speaking harshly with your partner will make your kids develop the habit of being rude over time. They will also talk in the same manner as their friends and siblings. Therefore, make sure to have a calmer and polite tone while you are interacting with your family members and with other people.

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3. Express Your Gratitude When Someone Helps You

Seeking somebody's help and not expressing gratitude is not a healthy habit. Expressing gratitude has nothing to do with age and therefore, you should know how to thank the person who did something for you. Also, you can thank your partner for the thing he/she does and show how grateful you are to have them.

This way your kids will learn to express their gratitude to not only their family members but also to their friends, teachers and other people.

4. Invest Time In Reading Books

For parents, it is no less than a moment of pride to see their kids studying. This is also one of the biggest concerns for parents to make their studies. But spending a hefty amount on your kids' education and thinking book is enough for your kids to make them work hard won't be helpful. In fact, they can easily give up and prefer playing if they do not find you reading.

Your kids might be glued up to smartphones and video games if they find you doing the same. Unless you don't sit with them, your kids might not pay attention to studies.

5. Avoid Shouting In Front Of Other Kids

This is one of the things that every parent can pay attention to. There is a high chance that your kids will learn to shout and consider shouting as a way to win over any situation in their later life if they find you yelling at your partner. You might shout at your partner out of frustration or simply to prove your point but do you realise, your kids can learn the same from you.

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6. Choose Your Words Wisely While Talking To Someone

Think about a situation where you are pissed off at someone and you end up abusing that person. Though you will be able to teach a lesson to that person, your kids will learn to abuse and he will also get this message is abusing is normal. Also, who knows when a similar situation arises, they might end up abusing you in the same manner.

Apart from that, talking bad things about a person behind his or her back will make your kids develop the same mindset. Doesn't matter if you ask them not to do this and teach them all moral values, if they find you back bitching, they might grow up to do the same.

7. Follow Your Routine Honestly

Parents mostly mothers, want their kids to follow a proper and balanced routine. Such as waking up on time, having breakfast on time, dedicating a sufficient amount of time for study and the list is endless. But your kids might not accede to it, doesn't matter how often you preach them about good habits. If unless you are not following a proper routine, your kids won't feel the need to do the same.
Rather than asking your kids to sleep on time and wake up early in the morning, check if you are doing the same?

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There is no denying the fact that parents give their best in raising their children. But we also believe that these tips will help you to grow as a parent, guide you and help you to raise well-behaved kids.

Story first published: Sunday, October 13, 2019, 9:00 [IST]