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7 Reasons Why Parents Should Not Scold Their Children In Front Of Relatives

Parents know their kids best and, therefore, it is them who constantly think about their children and do everything possible to protect them, but even when the intent is to love and care for them, at times they end up scolding them, shaming them in front of their relatives thinking it is normal and necessary. This is where it gets risky as the children end up feeling rejected and humiliated and parents might not be aware of these consequences.

So, in case you are a parent too and doing the same to your children, you need to pause and scroll down to read why you should not humiliate your child/children in front of their relatives.

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1. Your Kids Might Take This As An Insult

Let us take a situation where your children are misbehaving in front of the relatives. In that case, you might slap them and scold them as a way to discipline him/her but sadly, speaking harsh words and reminding them of their faults can have an opposite impact and make your children feel insulted.

It is not that only grown-ups understand what insult is. When you say harsh words to your children, they take it as an embarrassment and humiliation. This can have a negative impact on their emotional health. Therefore, it is better that you explain to your kids and properly communicate with them if you want them to teach discipline.

2. This Can Affect Emotional Well-Being Of Your Kids

When you scold your kids in front of the relatives or strangers, your children might feel hurt. Constant scoldings could make them feel rejected, even if you love them deeply. Also, it doesn't work if you try to compensate for the strict behaviour later, the damage that is already done and it could make your children feel bad for themselves.

Children are quite innocent and can be molded easily the way you want them to be. Instead of scolding them, it is better to explain the difference between good and bad habits in a polite way.

3. They Might Develop Negative Emotions

Once you yell at your kids in front of the relatives, there is a high chance that it will instil fear and negativity in your kids. They might grow up in fear and feel inferior in front of people other than their family members. Also, they might hesitate and find themselves surrounded by negativity at times.

Yelling never works when it comes to discipline your kids, making them understand in a calm manner always does.

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4. Your Kids Might Become Aggressive

Scolding and humiliating your kids in public or in front of the relatives can make your kids aggressive as well. They may implement the same behaviour with their own family members, friends or partners when they grow up. They can become aggressive when asked to talk about their relatives or spend time with them.

Also, scolding and humiliation can give birth to some conflicts between you and your kids. They might perceive you as critical parents.

5. It Can Become Your Children's Inner Voice

It is said, children learn from what their parents practice. So when you scold and humiliate your children in front of others, your children would learn the same. They might grow up and do the same with their peers, siblings and cousins. This same behaviour would start appearing normal to them.

6. It Might Lead To Low Confidence In Children

Scolding and humiliation can make your children feel inferior and they might develop low self-esteem as they grow up. They would become indecisive and in tough situations, they might not be able to hold themselves together.

Instead of yelling at your child, make them self dependent and teach them that it is okay to make mistakes, but it is also important to learn from it and become a better person.

7. They Might Develop Hatred For Relatives

Since you have scolded your kids in front of relatives, your kids might start hating those relatives. Children might perceive them as the reason behind receiving scoldings from their parents and it can give rise to massive misunderstandings at times. This hatred might last for the entire lifetime and as a result, and it might affect the ability to think positive for others in your children.

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Having patience and tolerance while raising children could actually help you in creating the best environment to raise your kids and making them an emotionally strong person.

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