Causes Of Tail Bone Pain And How To Relieve It During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant or have been pregnant in the past, you are no stranger to the pains and aches that you have to go through during the pregnancy period, isn't it? Depending on the pregnant woman’s health and the condition of her pregnancy, she is sure to have some or the other kind of pain. The most commonly complained about is the case of back pain during pregnancy.

As the womb expands and the fetus grows, the body and its posture changes dramatically. This change puts a lot of pressure on the spine and its supporting structures like the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

This pressure leads to the pregnant woman experiencing pain and aches. There are various kinds of back pains too. Some may be as simple as a muscle pull and can be treated with a massage and a warm shower.

Some others may be more complex and may need a detailed examination and treatment. Tail bone pain is a common back ache that falls into the latter category.

Today, we shall talk about tail bone pain and the causes behind it. We shall take a look at the various things that you can do to help relieve the pain. Read on to know more.

What Is Tail Bone And Tail Bone Pain?

Tail bone is a small bony structure that resembles a triangle. It is also known as coccyx. It is seen in the lower portion of the spine and is situated in the area where the upper buttocks meet. This bone is the one that is responsible for stabilizing your posture when you sit down. The tail bone is supported by a lot of muscles, ligaments and tendons.

The tail bone pain is the pain that is felt in the lower back region, just where the upper buttocks meet. The ache can be dull or sharp and can be isolated to the point where the spine ends. The medical name for the tail bone pain is Coccydynia; and if the pain is unbearable, the condition is called bruised tail bone.

Causes Of Tail Bone Pain

The Presence Of Pregnancy Hormones

With the pregnancy, the body has a surge of oestrogen and relaxin. These hormones help in relaxing the ligaments that are present in the pelvic area. The muscles in this region also shift to accommodate the womb and baby. Due to all these, the tail bone moves and it causes pain.


The Baby

In the second and third trimesters, the baby grows and takes up more place. As the baby develops, it applies pressure on the tail bone, which is positioned just behind the uterus. As the pregnancy progresses, the pain of the tail bone also progresses.


Coughing And Sneezing

The pressure of coughing and sneezing will put a strain on the tail bone. It will lead to pain.


Strenuous Work

Any work like cycling, sitting, running and walking will cause a lot of pain in the tail bone. Even if you stand for a long time, you will experience a lot of pain.


Conditions That Cause Or Increase Tail Bone Pain During Pregnancy

Tail bone pain is a common condition that develops during pregnancy. But there are other conditions that can cause tail bone pain even before you get pregnant. If you have such conditions, pregnancy can aggravate the pain.


Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

SPD or symphysis pubis dysfunction is a condition where, the pelvic bone and the ligaments are stretched and relaxed. This pain is often felt in the knees and the tail bone.


Herniated Disk

The tail bone pain in herniated disc is felt in the sacral area, right buttock or in the left buttock. This pain is felt like a prickling feeling in the feet. This pain radiates into the leg.



If you usually suffer from constipation, tail bone pain can be aggravated when pregnant.


Lower Back Injury

If you have had an injury in the lower back, you may have to suffer from tail bone pain when pregnant.


Cancer In Pelvic Area

If you have or have had cancer in the pelvic region, you may also suffer from tail bone pain.


Can The Pain In The Tail Bone Be Cured?

The pain in the tail bone can be very uncomfortable and disturbing but unfortunately, there is no cure for it. If the pain is induced by the pregnancy, the pain will fade away within a couple of months. If you still have the pain after a few months or if it is unbearable, you must talk to your doctor. He may prescribe you medications. If you have recurring pain, you may have to undergo surgical removal of coccyx.


Can Tail Bone Pain Lead To Complications In Labour?

If you have a very severe case of tail bone pain, you may not be able to bear the pain during labour. Talk to the doctor and he may advise you to choose C-section for child birth.


Practice A Good Posture

A good sitting/standing posture is essential to help ease the pain in your tail bone. Bad posture tends to aggravate the condition. For an optimum position, sit upright and engage your core. Place your feet on the ground and keep your neck straight. The back should only be slightly curved. When uncomfortable, cross the ankle of one leg over the knee of the other or you may also try to lean a little towards the front.


Sleep In The Correct Position

Instead of sleeping on your back, try to sleep on your side. The left side is the best position. It will help in easing the pain and will lead to a better circulation for the placenta. Place a cushion between your legs for more comfort.


Wear Comfortable Clothes

Wear loose clothes for most of the day. Tight clothes will cause pressure and will cause pain in the tail bone region.


Use A Donut Pillow

Sitting on hard surfaces will cause a lot of discomfort. Use a donut pillow or a pillow shaped like U. Exercise ball will also prevent any pressure from being applied on the tail bone. At work, ergonomic chairs will help a lot.


Using Maternity Belt

When you go into the second and third trimesters of the pregnancy period, use a maternity belt to help support the belt. The belt will help in relieving pressure from the lower back.


Change Your Position Often

If you stand or sit for long hours, you will have a lot of pain. Instead, change your position often during the day. Go for a short walk and take care not to bend to pick things up from the floor.


Use Heat Pads

Heat pads will help in relieving pressure from the tail bone. Either sit on the heating pad or place the pad on your tail bone. Do this for a duration of 20 minutes around 4 times each day.


Wear Shoes That Are Comfortable

Wearing foot wear with heels will cause pain in your tail bone. Go for shoes that have flat and cushy soles.


Keep Your Bowels Healthy

Make sure to eat healthy roughage-rich food. Walk often and perform stretches. Doing so will help in preventing constipation. Remember to void your bowels often and regularly. This will prevent pressure from being built up and hurting the tail bone.


Try Not To Have Movements That Are Jerky

Do everything in a premeditated fashion. Change your position slowly and prevent sudden changes in position. Doing so can cause intense pain in the tail bone.


Get A Massage

Visit a chiropractor or a physiotherapist for a massage in the tail bone area. A massage will help in easing the pain a lot.


Perform Yoga

While intense yoga positions cannot be performed, you can always perform simple yoga positions that involve stretching, which will help greatly in preventing and easing the tail bone pain.


Perform Activities That Help You To Exercise Your Body

Try swimming as a light exercise. Try swimming on your back, as it requires very little movement in your legs. It also takes the strain away from your back. You can also try walking regularly.

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