When Should You Visit A Gynaecologist During Pregnancy

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When a woman gets pregnant, she is undoubtedly the happiest in the world, and the first thing that she would do is to visit the nearest gynaecologist.

Recent statistics show that most women panic at the sight of the test results and the need to visit a gynaecologist goes to extremes, wherein they end up paying a visit to the doctor not less than thrice in a month.

Going for regular checkups to the doctor during pregnancy is unhealthy for the child as well as for the mother. It will tire you down and this is not at all a healthy sign to have during pregnancy.

Here, listed below are some of the indications to visit a gynaecologist. If you witness abdominal pain in the stomach, especially at the lower region of the stomach, you should rush to the doctor immediately.

Likewise, an onset of bleeding during the three trimesters is also an alarming sign and one should see a gynaecologist immediately. Not to forget, at the end of the third trimester (9th month), focus on your labour pain too.

So, take a look at some of the necessary times when you'll need to visit a gynaecologist at any cost:


Unnatural Bleeding:

Spotting is harmless and majorly around 1/3rd of the women witness this during pregnancy. However, bleeding profusely through the vagina should not be ignored, as it is an indication that there is some sort of a trouble. Bleeding during pregnancy can indicate a miscarriage, extopic pregnancy and placenta previa; therefore, it should not be ignored.



If nausea is accompanied with severe vomiting during pregnancy, the mother must be taken to the hospital. If ignored, this will lead to further complications like malnutrition and dehydration, which could be harmful to the foetus. Therefore, a gynaecologist will give you certain medications to stop this problem.


Baby's Movements:

Technically, you should have 10 or more kicks in every two hours. Anything less than this, you should call the doctor. On the other hand, some women follow an old trick where they drink or eat something cold, followed by lying down on the side of the tummy to get the baby moving. If this does not work as well, call up the gynaecologist immediately.


Water Breaks:

If it is not a urine leakage, you need to worry! Water breaking is a dramatic gush of fluid, but other times it is more subtle. When the water breaks, you should immediately rush the mother to a hospital, as it is time for the baby to come into the world.


Contractions In The 3rd Trimester:

You must know that contractions are a sign of labour; and if it happens before the ninth month, it is called preterm labour. If you witness labour pain in the 3rd trimester, you should call the gynaecologist immediately, as it is too early to deliver the baby.


Severe Headache:

Pregnancy brings along a lot of complications. However, if you witness persistent and severe headache, with abdominal pain, visual disturbances and swelling during the 3rd trimester, call the gynaecologist immediately to get a blood test done. These signs could be related to a condition called pre-eclampsia.


Down With The Flu:

It is very important for a pregnant mother to get a flu vaccine done. During pregnancy, the immunity system is low and one is prone to falling ill often. If you are tested for flu, call the gynaecologist immediately, as your doctor can start you on safe medications.

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Story first published: Friday, February 12, 2016, 16:05 [IST]
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