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Signs Of Weight Gain During Pregnancy

By: Shubham Ghosh
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Pregnant women of course gain weight because of natural and medical reasons. Along with the weight of the baby inside you, increased blood volume, growing uterus and amniotic fluid (which protects the foetus) can also make you gain a good amount of weight.

But, apart from this normal weight gain also, many women tend to gain a lot more weight during pregnancy and become fat, which is not a good sign for health.

Here are five signs that will tell whether you will gain fat during pregnancy. Have a look at these signs and we suggest you to make lifestyle changes to treat the issue better during pregnancy.

Signs Of Weight Gain During Pregnancy1

1. Obesity: If you are already obese, then you are likely to gain three times more weight than normal during your days of pregnancy. If you are overweight with a BMI greater than 30, you need to ensure that your weight doesn't go up beyond five to nine kilograms. If your weight increases unchecked, then you will have a lot of pregnancy-related complications.

Signs Of Weight Gain During Pregnancy2

2. Eating More Than Required: Since a lot of would-be mothers and their families believe that eating during pregnancy means food intake for two instead of one, they end up feasting a lot more than required and put on weight, which can make them obese even years later. It is always wise to consult a doctor and a dietitian when it comes to taking care of the extra calories that you require during pregnancy.

Signs Of Weight Gain During Pregnancy3

3. Taking Too Much Of Milk, Sweet Drinks And Salt Products: Although milk is a crucial requirement during pregnancy, limit it to skim milk and low-fat and fat-free cheese. Sweetened drinks should also be curbed, while salt intake should be limited, so that your body doesn't retain water.

Signs Of Weight Gain During Pregnancy4

4. Not Getting Enough Sleep: Staying up late in the night can make you gain a lot of weight. If your sleep gets reduced, your cravings for sugar and fatty foods can increase and the metabolism can be hit. Get seven to eight hours of normal sleep, so that your metabolism process remains intact with a proper appetite.

Signs Of Weight Gain During Pregnancy5

5. Getting Stressed Easily: If you are too reluctant to move, fearing stress or actually getting tired, even while making the regular movement, it could be a sign of you gaining weight in the later years, especially during pregnancy when your movement will be automatically slow. Stress raises the level of cortisol, which hits your metabolism and makes you fat. If you are planning to get pregnant, begin to move yourself more, besides doing meditation and yoga, so that you are able to defeat the challenge of stress.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 12:34 [IST]
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