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10 Ways To Sleep Better When Pregnant

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If you are fighting insomnia during pregnancy, guess what, you are not alone. There are more than a million women out there who face this pregnancy problem and, therefore, due to the lack of sleep, women tend to get crankier and fussy throughout the day.

Sleeping well during pregnancy is important, as it helps in keeping your mind at ease as well as it is good for the body.

Right Sleep Positions During Pregnancy

When you don't sleep well at night, the body undergoes a lot of changes the next morning and this can make one feel all the more sick during pregnancy.

Lack of sleep also leads to headaches, mood swings and an increase of hormonal problems too.

Therefore, experts state that it is necessary to sleep well and by following these tips on the list which Boldsky has shared with you, it will surely help you sleep like a Sleeping Beauty tonight.

Benefits Of Pregnancy Pillows

So, waste no more time, take a look at some of these ways to sleep better when pregnant.


Skip Those Little Naps:

If you want to have a sound sleep at night, it is necessary to skip those little naps that you love taking during the day. This will allow you to catch up on your night's sleep without having any problem.


Get Yourself Some Soft Pillows:

When pregnant, sleeping in any position will feel uncomfortable at some point of time. To make you feel comfy and snuggly at night, deck your bed with soft pillows to cuddle with and sleep well.


Lavender Will Do You Good:

Sometimes, the sweet aroma in your room can make you feel cosy and wonderful. Burn lavender candles to help you feel relaxed and calm during the night and to help you sleep better.


Drink Fluids Only If Necessary:

When pregnant, the loo becomes your favourite place in the world. Due to the foetus's pressure on your bladder, you'll find the need to visit the loo more than twice in a day. Therefore, to avoid the multiple visits at night, reduce the intake of fluids before bedtime.


Follow A Schedule:

Follow a sleep pattern and make sure you don't skip the timing. When you get accustomed to the timings, you will automatically fall asleep at night without having any problem.


Get Rid Of Fried Food:

At night, it is always better to eat light. This is because, if you eat a heavy meal, you will automatically suffer from indigestion problems and acidity that will keep you awake during the entire night.


Keep Fit:

It is necessary to keep your body fit when pregnant. By doing so, you will be able to have a safe and much easier pregnancy as well. Keeping fit during pregnancy will also help keep the mind at ease, especially those exercises that involve meditation.


No Gadgets In The Bedroom:

Keep all those gadgets away from the bedroom at night. They are of a great disturbance to your health and are also known to reduce the quality of your sleep. Hence, refrain from using them at least an hour before you wish to hit the bed.


Get That Heating Pad:

If you are unable to sleep at night, place a hot water bottle under your pillow. The heat generated from the bottle will help calm your nerves, thus helping you to sleep better.

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