How To Find Out Your Most Fertile Days To Get Pregnant

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When a mature egg or ovum gets released from the ovary into the uterus, it is called ovulation. Ovulation is important for a woman to conceive, as it is the egg that combines with the sperm to form the embryo. The process is known as fertilisation.

In simple terms, for a woman to get pregnant, she must ovulate, the egg must get released from the ovary. This is very important for the couples who are desperate to have a baby.

If you have an intercourse during or at the time of ovulation, the chances of conception increases. This is because the ovum is available in the uterus to get fertilised.

However, if you have sex during the days when your woman is not ovulating, the chances of getting pregnant are less. It is said that ovulation occurs on the 13th or 14th day, counting from the first day of a woman's menstrual cycle.

It may be different for different women, some may ovulate earlier than that or some may ovulate later than the mentioned period. In this article, we have mentioned some signs, which show that you have ovulated.

Read on the article to find out if you are ovulating:


Sex Drive Increases

If you notice closely, you may feel a strong sex drive for some days. These are the days when you probably are ovulating. This is nature's way of signaling your body to have sex and move forward with your generation.


Thin Sticky Secretions From Vagina

During the time of your ovulation, there will be clear, transparent and sticky secretion from your vagina. This is same as that of the egg white and helps the sperm to move inside the uterus more easily. This is also a nature's way of telling you that you might get close with your partner in order to bear a child.


Sore Breasts

Most women may get sore breasts after their periods also. However, this can be a less prominent sign, as women mostly have sore breasts. However, for women who have sore breasts only after periods then this is the signal that your body is sending at the time of ovulation.


Sense Of Smell Increases

You may get a strong smell during your fertile phase. This is because you get attracted to your partner from the smell of the male sex pheromone androstenone. You will find your partner more attractive because of this smell coming from him.


Soft And Open Cervix

When you are ovulating, you may find that the opening of the uterus has become soft and open. While having sex, you will feel less pain, as there will be more lubrication due to more mucous secretions. Your partner may tell you that your cervix is wetter, softer or hard while getting close.


Lower Abdominal Pain

Some women may experience a mild pain in the lower abdomen either on the right or left side, which may last for a few minutes or hours. Medically, this is known as Mittelschmerz sensation. You may experience nausea or some vaginal discharge along with the pain.


Light Spotting

Most women may get a brown spotting near to the days of ovulation. This is because the follicle in which the egg is present raptures to release the egg causing the spotting. If you find a brown spot on your underwear, know that you have ovulated and must have sex to get pregnant.

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